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The Dove and the Chick to Toddler Rulers 
A lonesome dove discovers the meaning of her life 
Important rules when dealing with a toddler 

The Dove and the Chick (story/poem) 

A dove who had lived on her own
Shear loneliness was all she knew
Where teardrops were more than a few
Her memories were hers alone
It happened she happened on nest
With one lonely chick there inside
And no one to call it its pride
So she thought that she’d try her best
She showered the chick with her love
Which never saw sunshine before
There wouldn’t be tears anymore
A promise she made to her dove
And so the chick grew without care
Its mother was all of its needs
A lifetime alone she now heeds
For this all its needs she would bear
For chick she would take to the sky
For chick she would search for their food
To ask for chick’s help would be rude
Her heart saw no reason to try
But winter must soon come around
For chick it was just one more day
It paid no heed to her delay
Or that she lay dead on the ground

(Just using poetry to tell a story. A story with a message. A message quite different, depending on one's life situation. By using animals instead of people, I've allowed imagination to open. The ending may seem sad for some, yet happy for others. How is this possible? - One thing I became aware of, being exposed and performed for so many people, was: individuals have a multitude of purposes in life. That's what makes this poem so different in different people's eyes. For me, my purpose in life was to serve. Now, I can hear some of you: "Aw, Martin, how sweet." But first, I am a Christian, and believe that I have received all of my blessings for a reason. I believed it is my purpose to serve and to give back that which was given me. Secondly, I am an egotist. I was pretty good in my charitable endeavors. Not only was I good but I received admiration, applause and people who wanted to be like me. Just what an egotist needs. For me this caused two major problems. I needed to perform greater charity stunts to awe the crowd. I gained more blessings, which had to be repaid. I did perform things to humble myself, but these backfired (I have gone into detail, in a previous edition). So with this little insight, we garner some insight into the difference between the dove and the chick.)

To go with this theme, enjoy: Brian Crain "Dream of Flying" 

Let's lighten things up with something cute, funny and serious 

Studies have shown that a two year old child is generally more active then than at any other point in their life. Remember that instruction manual we all got, when our babies were born? Neither do I. Sure, I ran out to buy the latest "How To" books. Perhaps some of you did too. Sometimes I wondered, how could a toddler, be so far from the ones described by doctors and authors. Yet there were some precious things all toddlers had in common. As if there is a "Thank you" for all parents. Story of This Life has put together a few things we can expect or have gone through. 
Here is one proof of a "brotherhood of Man". These toddler behaviors extend beyond nationalities. "Toddler Rules" 

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