Sunday, November 22, 2015

The First Kiss to Awkward Commercial Kiss 
A poem of The First Kiss 
A video of an Awkward Commercial Kiss 

                 The scene of The First Kiss 

The First Kiss (Shakespearean sonnet) 

The evening ended with a final tear
Who knew such happy days would come to this
For her his smile more precious than a kiss
She never dreamed his farewell she would hear
So sad a night when her tomorrows died
As by her window to the stars she prayed
That tear would find his heart not merely fade
And for this wish all else was swept aside
The next day was like all those days before
And all her friends they knew she missed him so
As one and all to windows they did go
You must see this then came their Joyful roar
For all her dreams and wishes waited there
And there it was their first kiss they would share

(Here is a challenge, use a sonnet to unfold a tale. After all, there are only a limited number of lines. In this sonnet, I've started with the conflict and eased out to the happy ending. I've discussed before, that adding peace and conflict to a poem can raise its effectiveness. - The poem is somewhat true. It started when Mr. Land, my music teacher, got me an audition in a musical at Star of the Sea, an all girl school. I got the part of Prince Daughtless in the musical "Once Upon A Mattress". During the rehearsals I met Arlene. She was the pianist in the orchestra. We became good friends. Friends, that's all. Days passed and we were all happy. Imagine, a bunch of boys loose in an all girl school! Happy!? Well all things have to come to an end. The end of the last night of the final performance and the beginning of the poem. Arlene and I said our final goodbye. She was crying and a tear dropped on my right arm. The tear which, as legend has it, started it all. We had had good times together for almost a month. Even that night, when Arlene and I said our goodbyes, we never kissed each other. That wouldn't happen until the next day, in front of her school, in front of her school (Arlene's friends, who had gathered at the windows.))

Broadway's version of overture to musical where Arlene and I met: 
Mary Rodgers "Once Upon a Mattress" 

More kissing? 

When you kiss someone for the first time, you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, making you crave more. Dopamine can also make you lose your appetite and make it hard for you to sleep. Since we, who like to kiss,may have a hard time sleeping we might as well do some cleaning. A good product to help us clean is Clean and Go. It just so happens that BuzzFeed Video is working on a Clean and Go commercial. There is only one problem. Kissing.
Funny, kisses from my wife helps motivate me to clean. "Awkward Commercial Kiss"

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The mouth is made for communication, 
and nothing is more articulate than a kiss. 
Jarod Kintz


  1. The ad went directions I had not expected.
    Was your kiss with Arlene signify a start or an ending...?

    1. 1966, it was the beginning of an unbelievable romance and team. Arlene died in 2002.

    2. thank you - my new wife/partner, Amor makes all my memories bright and is the light of my future.

  2. brilliant sure this tribute will reach her soul..RIP Arlene. Be Strong Martin...Prayers r with u