Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Handshake to I Bought A Lemon Jeep 
A handshake struck a lover's fate 
As a customer gets a strange revenge for a deal gone sour 

The Handshake (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I travel through a world of make-believe
That started when I shook a stranger’s hand
And from that instant all the world was grand
And dreams were waiting for me to conceive
Each day another marvel to fulfill
The nights were cast with dancing mid the stars
The dreams of countless minions were all ours
And with each turn we stirred another thrill
Then passed the day when things began to fray
When what was real would smash into my face
And there I stood alone and out of place
As madness chased reality away
I’m forced to watch my blessings meet the tide
In silent torment of the day I died

(You may not know it but this, at one time, was a common variation of the Shakespearean sonnet. Most people use the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme. I offer this reminder for us sonnet enthusiasts (ABBA CDDC EFFE GG). - As far as this story/sonnet, I take you back a long long time ago. On a dark street corner, before the sun was about to come up, there was a paperboy. He was madly in love with a girl, as most teenage boys were prone to be. In the darkness, he offered his soul to be with her. Days would pass and see the couple together. They would get married and share endless dreams together. No couple could wish for more than the sunshine of this fantasy. The young lady died, leaving an old man to wander back to a dark street corner. Did it really happen?)

I think we can all agree, this song ids fitting: The Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil" 

Another day another deal 

Ever hear of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation?  Well, in 1954 they merged with Hudson Motor Car Company to form American Motors Corporation (AMC), which was purchased  in 1987 by Chrysler. Chrysler is the manufacturer of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In Australia, Teg Sethi (:Teggy") bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee. His experience was less than favorable. Being a good consumer Teggy, after getting the run-around every step of the way, took his complaint to Chrysler. Still not getting any satisfaction, Teggy came up with a creative solution. He turned to YouTube. 
With over 1.7 million views I think Chrysler is listening. What do you think? "I Made A Mistake I Bought A Lemon Jeep song by Teggy – Jeep Grand Cherokee, what a lemon!" 

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