Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Wanderer to Memory Loss 
A wander follows a memory calling from his heart 
An accident victim follows a memory calling from a "friend" 

The Wanderer (Italian sonnet) 

Upon a lonely road he heard her weep
A sound a song a movement in the air
Some memory his heart rejoiced to reap
This wanderer beyond all worldly care
She cried and yet a tone of hope was heard
Some Joy some peace some moments meant to last
It must be her for whom his soul once stirred
This wander from somewhere in the past
And as she sobs a something draws him on
To what to where to ending far unknown
For him there is no night to greet the dawn
This wanderer who travels all alone
Her sighs awoke the meaning of his day
Her cares her smiles her wondrous dreams to roam
Upon this lonely road he now must stay
This wanderer now wandering toward home

(In this sonnet we have a man; "This wanderer" and his love. As the poem goes on, we hear a song in his heart as she calls to him. Each quatrain ends as we are returned to the wanderer. Thus we have a structure in a form. - I was, pretty much, a loner. Arlene could have given her heart to someone better, relationship wise. During our early dating years I always had other girls on the side. Few would get too upset about a teenager having more than one girlfriend. Looking back on those days; Arlene wasn't stupid. As good as I was, covering things up, surely she knew what was going on. Surely it must have hurt a lot. And yet she waited for me to return, so she could have me all to herself. It wasn't that I didn't care about her pain. I just didn't think about it. In all, there were 5 relationships before Arlene and I were married, We were married in 1974. I was faithful for two years before I wandered back to my misguided ways. (I covered this in a previous edition, but briefly:) One evening, after work, I was out drinking with these two ladies. Two ladies who had plans for me. I was about to engage in every man's dream. They took me to a place they had rented for the evening. Just as I was about to enter, I heard a call in my heart. It was Arlene. I rushed straight home to be with her. I would never cheat  on her again. In keeping with our "open style" of poetry: I turned into a pretty good husband and father. Decades separate me from that thoughtless wanderer. Yet his exploits still haunt me, this wanderer now wandering toward home.)

Here is a song about another wanderer: Johnny Cash and U2 "The Wanderer" 

Here is another wanderer with another memory problem 

False memories are why it’s easy for witnesses of a crime to remember things that didn’t happen, without even being aware of it. All they need is for someone to suggest that it could have happened, and the seed of a false memory might be planted. With this in mind, let's watch a video created by BuzzFeed Video. A person just had an accident that effected his memory. A "friend" has come to his side to guide him back.
Is it just me or is this video funnier once we find out what is going on? "Memory Loss" 

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So long as the memory of certain beloved friends 
lives in my heart, 
I shall say that life is good.
Helen Keller


  1. I am suspicious of someone who says they have no regrets. I always suspect selfishness.
    It sounds as if you had many more years to be proud than those where your behaviour was regrettable.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts.
      If a person behaves like that young man, they may spend decades reflecting back.
      We should be careful what we do. Life can last a long time.