Friday, November 27, 2015

There to If Black Friday Were A Movie 
A moment; It's there forever a lover resides 
A movie; It's there forever a Black Friday resides 

There (Shakespearean sonnets) 

He’s there amid the star and hope filled sky
The stranger who shares secrets with the wind
What dreams has he on which one can rely
What promise does he hold that won’t rescind
He’s there amid the silence of a song
The stranger who takes lovers’ hearts away
What dreams has he that keeps his spirit strong
What promise lightens each so doubtful day
He’s there amid the wishes and the tears
The stranger who so long ago was him
What dreams has he to settle new found fears
What promise calls him back to time so dim
It’s there they shared a lasting kiss goodnight
It’s there the last time he would hold her tight

(It looks like a Shakespearean sonnet. In fact, it follows all the rules. Though I didn't title this as such, it is actually "Word Wizardry". "Word Wizardry" is when we use words to work for us. In this case, I've used the same words to start each line of the quatrains and did the same, to a lesser extent, in the rhyming couplet. All this was done, while conveying a picture, in a way that "Word Wizardry" does dominate the poem. - Although this is a love poem and I loved Arlene a lot and we fashioned a lot of great memories. Although my current wife, Amor, who now rules my heart and gives me purpose to go on one more day, she wasn't the motivation behind this poem. I used love themes to replace one of the moments that makes me me. I used to visit people in the hospital. One of these people was my Masonic mentor, Robert Theodore "Jake" Jackel. Ironically, it was Jake who taught me the value of these visitations. On this occasion, Jake took me by the hand and with a warm smile told me he had only hours left to life. He thanked me for everything and for coming. I was there with his family and friends as he was passing and we celebrated a great man and a rich life. It was a strange situation. One only Jake could come up with. Here was a person who had lived a full life.  Neither he nor his guests were sad for this moment. How could we be, with so many wonderful stories? And so Jake passed on. I had the honor of performing his funeral. And so it was. A moment burned into my existence. Live that kind of life. Thank you, Jake)

Back to the love theme and: Mario Frangoulis "I Will Wait For You" 

So much for memories made - Now for yet to be 

The Biggest holiday sales happen on Black Friday. Sorry to disappoint you. Stores have and are increasingly starting to release deals in waves, before and after the Big day. (per dealnews). So Black Friday may become a thing of the past. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to immortalize Black Friday with a movie. That may be what the folks at BuzzFeed Video had in mind (or maybe just to rouse a laugh or two) when they came up with the inspiration to set the days of Black Friday into a movie like "Happy Gilmore". 
If BuzzFeed's idea seems a bit like "Happy Gilmore" it is just a coincidence. (Or is it?)  "If Black Friday Were A Movie" 

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