Monday, November 2, 2015

Waiting A Wonder to Godzilly, King of the Daughters 
A person finds himself waiting his next wonder 
A family sets off to explore their next wonder 

Waiting A Wonder (free form poem) 

Waiting waiting
For one more wonder
Waiting waiting
One more dream afloat
One more golden sunset
One more smile of hope
Waiting waiting
Winter is approaching
The flocks are fling south
But there is a new one guiding the way
A face unfamiliar
As I just sit
Waiting waiting
There must be a reason
The leaves which shared my kisses
Blossomed in imagination
Flavors of colors
Dying at my feet
Waiting waiting
For what
What do they see
What do they know
Those dreams in the sky
Those pearls on the floor
One more trance
One more vision
One more it must be true
Waiting waiting
Until the moment
Our propose is clear
I will be here
Waiting waiting

(Although this is a free form poem there is a structure to it. In the beginning we have a speaker who seems to have a sense of composure. The middle of the poem sees the speaker questioning. Questioning what? A sense of resolve again overtakes the speaker, as he waits. - The point of this poem, for me was, life's sense of hope. For me (and perhaps others can relate) life offered many possibilities/wonders. Some of these, one had to be a part of to appreciate. Between these gifts were moments to appreciate what just happened, moments to catch a breath, moments to share, moments of waiting. Waiting for the next one to start. (Or maybe that experience was enough to feed a hungry soul.) Here and now, I find myself waiting. Here is the riddle of the poem's message: How does one handle life's possibilities/wonders? Enjoy...)

While we're reflecting, here's : Chris Spheeris "Psyche" 

Wonders wonder if their wonder will set others to wonder 

The voice of Godzilla, the monster the Japanese introduced to the world in 1954, was produced by rubbing a rubber glove over the bass string of a violin. I'm sure this has something to do with why the Silly Socks family dressed up their baby daughter like the King of Monsters. Silly Socks is a new channel of a family hoping to make it on YouTube. Whether they make it or not, this is a frightenly cute moment for a lifetime. 
Let's enjoy this video and wish Silly Socks the best of luck. "Godzilly, King of the Daughters!" 

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Everything that happens to us leaves some trace 
behind; everything contributes imperceptibly to make us 
what we are.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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