Sunday, November 8, 2015

Whispering Flower to Man On The Moon 
What is the gift of a flower's whisper 
What is the gift of a child's vision 

Whispering Flower (story/poem)

A flower whispered to me
Upon a summer’s day
I thought that I was dreaming
Or that my wits did stray
But then again I heard it
A wonder I must say
What did it have to tell me
What gave its petals sound
The marvel of this moment
Would fairytales astound
As ear and heart I gave to
This beauty from the ground
Such mysteries expected
I thought would reach my ear
So much misunderstanding
I thought it would make clear
Yet I was struck by much more
At what I soon would hear
It asked of me to pick it
An act which spelled its end
I asked it for a reason
To which its tears would rend
I said please cast your sorrow
For you have found a friend
It sweetly beckoned of me
Please listen to my plea
A future is approaching
Which here I couldn’t see
So I plucked the flower’s wish
To spread its mystery
Suddenly I sensed a girl
A dream spun to my side
And there within gazing eyes
Was spark we couldn’t hide
Then as I gave her a gift
I knew why flower died

(Other than being a delightful love story, there is nothing special about this poem. Like this poem, there is nothing special about my poetry. What I do have going for me is variety. If one looks at some of the poems, in this Poetry and Viral Videos blog, one will pick up on the wide varieties of styles and ideas. One might also notice an air of many poets writing on today's social media. I have tried to share what I do in a poem as a way of giving back and a "thank you". - When I started to leave my days of being a "crazy teenager", I began to see how blessed my life was. A lesson from pastor David Wilkerson ("The Cross and the Switchblade"  fame), from decades earlier, came back to haunt me. I felt it was my duty to give back. Call it coincidence, at the same time Chevron started supporting United Way of the Bay Area. They needed volunteers and my hand went up. Strangely, as time went on, my volunteer work started to mesh with my life style and talents. Arlene turned me to our kid's schools and soccer coaching. As I continued, my efforts were inspirations for other volunteers. When I joined Freemasonry, I was a well seasoned volunteer. In the next 14 years I would be the flower of wonders (hardly of whispers). With an unbelievable life and all I have done, the only breeze that drifts through my mind is: Did I Do Enough.)

Let's add one more flower to all of this: Yanni "Song of the Flower" 

One more flower 

According to studies, over 52% of Americans believe Christmas celebrations should not start until late November. (December comes in second, with over 24%.) There are some Christmas celebrations that are fitting all year round. One of these are the Christmas ads of John Lewis. The John Lewis Partnership is an employee-owned United Kingdom company which operates John Lewis department stores, Waitrose supermarkets and some other services. The 2015 John Lewis Christmas advertisement, "the Man on the Moon", is out. Out big time! Once again, the folks of John Lewis have shown what Christmas, the brotherhood of men should truly be about. 
What is wonderfully fascinating about thad is: the product John Lewis is selling. "John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 - #ManOnTheMoon" 

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