Sunday, December 13, 2015

Am I Dreaming to (skier) Candide Thovex 
A lover wanders the possibilities a dreams 
Candide Thovex  skis us through the dreams of possibilities 

Am I Dreaming (Italian sonnet) 

I dreamt that I was with you once again
To fashion memories of a love so dear
Your walk like magic music would begin
And time would hold its breath when you were near
I dreamt that I was dancing in your arms
In a refrain that had no need to end
And as we whirled we’d cast true lover’s charms
That to such heaven we may all ascend
I dreamt all night and dreams create my day
Is it so wrong to cling to paradise
When daily toils and mishaps will not sway
What’s wrong with tapping in a pinch of spice
I dreamt that I was somewhere kissing you
And holding you so closely to my heart
They’re not mere dreams this lover’s point of view
Let’s kiss some more and dreaming will restart

Not your average love poem. Each stanza begins with "I dreamt", as if each each stanza is a dream in itself. The speaker is obviously in love, but what exactly is going on? Then, we come to the last line and the sonnet opens to possibilities.

Dreams... What are they, really? I admit, I lived a special life. I never was rich, but doors opened up for me. Door of possibilities. Easy for me to sit here and tell others to follow their dreams. I don't and didn't. I think I tried to show by example. I was fortunate to have, in my life, teachers, mentors and examples who fostered my imagination. Dreams... What are they? When it comes to the poem... Mariachis in San Francisco are not that expensive, especially in the off season, especially if they're your friends. Was it a dream for Arlene, at work, to see her husband with a bunch of mariachis, to re-enact their first kiss? Was it dream when a taxi driver, who I knew, took Arlene home by way of our favorite "kissing tree", where I was waiting? Was it a dream when Arlene kissed me at a surprise dinner I prepared and served under a candlelit canopy in our own backyard? The illustration I, and the poem, are trying to make is the possibilities are there. Dreams... What are they?

While we're pondering dreams, here's: Atlantic Starr "Am I Dreaming" 

Need more examples of dreams and possibilities 

Ancient carvings unearthed by archaeologists in Norway suggest the locals started skiing many thousands of years ago, with one rock drawing thought to date from 4000BC. Talk about skiing, does the name Candide Thovex ring a bell? I don't know if Candide is a bell ringer, but he is a notable French professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Candide is regarded for his unique, creative approach to the sport of freestyle skiing, and professionally has won numerous contests and accolades. Plus women find him highly attractive.
That's why Audi Quattro scooped him up for their latest commercial. (His skiing or the women) "Candide Thovex – quattro®" 
(Oops... Did I mention there was no snow?) 

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Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams 
than the imagination when awake?
Leonardo da Vinci

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