Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Colors Of You to Chroma Crisis - A Splatoon Fight 
Even the rainbow is wanting 
Meanwhile a paint war breaks out 

Colors Of You (free form poem) 

What is it you crave for
What is it you starve for
What calls out your name
From the quiet of your life
Searching for reasons
Searching for meaning
Searching in longings
Which doubt has swept away
Under the carpets
Under the covers
Under our pillows
Which bear the end of dreams’ tears
Empty is the thunder which put them there
Constantly pounding to have its own way
Coloring the rainbows it wants you to view
While under the sunshine
A once upon a time
Is waiting starving craving
For one more moment in the sky
Look in the mirror
Look in the person
Look though dreamer’s eyes
At imagined come alive
Paint a world
Colors of you

This poem starts out (hopefully) somewhat unclear, Then we should get a sense of frustration. Finally an unexpected image is formed. I hope this poem took you on a similar ride.

It has been my experience, there are people out there who are frustrated with themselves for a myriad of reasons. They sense that they don't "fit in". There are some who are happy this not "fitting in". The "reality" we are given to deal with is: the forces that be make up rules that should be questioned. One example is beauty. At one point, in history, a little extra weight was considered attractive. Then, the leaner the better. Now, it seems the food industry says it might not be healthy to go without some fat. I don't know about you, but when I fell in love, I was blind. The fact is this is a very diverse world and does not follow the rules of man. One of our greatest gifts (in my opinion) is our individuality. The "world of me" doesn't always see, value, want or understand what makes us us. Therein lies a fuse of frustration. Now, I am not the right person to preach, but would our world be richer if we were free to see it through our own eyes. our own talents. our own uniqueness? I am not the right person to preach because I was lucky to have traits that some valued and developed.  But what about that other me? Lost. Lost.  Lost. For today, if we feel frustrated with ourselves, take a look in our mirror, And...

Is this a fitting song: R. Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly" 

How about a game of splatoon 

The first painters’ union was formed in London in 1502 and was called the Worshipful Company of Painters-Stainers. I highly doubt the boys of Andrew M Films are members of any kind of painters' union. It is obvious, though, they are very fond of the colors blue and orange. Fond enough to start a war. It is no surprise that they turn to the latest weapon to promote their favorite color. 
What is surprising is the stranger at the end of the video. "Chroma Crisis - A Splatoon Fight" 

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The difference between you and everyone else, 
is everyone else. And that’s a lot, 
so you should feel special. 
Jarod Kintz


  1. For myself, accepting that the person I am is enough is a work in progress. Slow progress.
    And yes, I agree the world is richer for our differences. And still I have troubles with self-acceptance.

    1. I have seen some of the comments on your blog.
      Hard proof that you are special.
      I am honored to have you here

    2. Not special. Blessed by the warmth and the wonder here in the blogosphere.

  2. I find health directives tiresome at best and plumb irritating at worst. For what may be very good for you can be very bad for me. So, generalized health directives should be taken as suggestions--not rules!