Thursday, December 24, 2015

Confusion’s Rains to Batman vs Santa Claus 
A battle breaks out where there are no winners 
A battle breaks out that can only come from Hollywood 

Confusion’s Rains (English sonnet) 

What was it they saw the other night
That brought the couple back to moments dear
From emptiness of yet another tear
As kisses faded to yet one more fight
A fog replaced night’s clarity with fear
Foreboding feelings took control of light
As couple’s fists prepared a plot ignite
Confusion’s rains would make the world unclear
Then suddenly all sight was painted red
And dim light flowed from shadows gone amiss
Teardrops mixed with blood someone had shed
As silent screams would fall into abyss
When morning came to grace familiar bed
It found the couple locked within a kiss

Finally, a normal, though a bit violent, English sonnet. Normal, except for the ending, which can be pictured in various ways.

Arlene and I left our palace in the sky and moved into an apartment near her parent. I hadn't discovered drugs yet nor was alcohol more than an occasional Friday night thing and even then it was very light. I can't remember what caused it. I only remember I got very angry and I struck Arlene. The memory of that blow still haunts me now. I never felt so ashamed. It would be easy to blame the abusive and confusing environment I grew up in. But leaving excuses behind, I never struck Arlene (or my children) again. As far as the poem, this was a transitional period for male and female relationships. We men couldn't and shouldn't go around subjugating women. Add to this the blooming of a promiscuous time in our history.There was another couple, who loved each other very much. They were friends of ours. Their love affair mirrored Arlene's and mine. They met around the same period as us. They got married the same year as us. They would spend some precious memories with Arlene and me. Who would have imagined, the police would take him away for beating her. Rumor has it, they parted with a kiss.

While we ponder how strange life can be, here's" Yirmama "Flowers We Are" 

Why isn't Batman getting any presents this Christmas 

More than half of all bats in the U.S. are endangered or in decline. Both loss of habitat and a mysterious illness called “White-Nose Syndrome” (which has affected over a million bats) are major reasons for the decline. What about Batman, one may wonder. Sources close to Hollywood say, he is about to come head to head with his greatest adversary. (And we all know how much we can believe what comes out of Hollywood.) So save your money now, as movie tickets prices are predicted to skyrocket (unless you have Netflix) for Batman vs Santa Claus. 
We may have to wait until next year when Santa ventures out of his North Pole fortress (provided Batman is still on the naughty list). "Batman vs Santa Claus"

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Family quarrels are bitter things. 
They don't go according to any rules. 
They're not like aches or wounds, 
they're more like splits in the skin 
that won't heal because 
there's not enough material. 
F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. Merry Christmas!

    You are so brave with your writing. I have never used drugs and only have had a drink maybe 5 times in my life. I do know many that have left those things behind and some who ride under the radar waiting to get caught. F. Scott is correct with family quarrels. Yet I do know some families you must break away from in order to save yourself. Did you ever hear from that couple again?

    1. I was one of those real luck people on drugs. Still I put them behind me.
      I completely lost touch with Jim and Susanne.
      Thank you for everything.

  2. You stand as a witness to our Heavenly Father's grace being truly immeasurable. So do I. By the way, the virus warning is gone! WOO HOO!!!

    1. It took 10 days to get rid of virus. At the end of it all, I thanked Google.
      The Lord is helping me with another project.
      Thank you for everything.