Thursday, December 24, 2015

Endless Dreams to Freddie's Vlog 
A Fair maiden dreams 
A madman dreams 

Endless Dreams (Shakespearean sonnet) 

She dreams across the riches flowers’ flow
Whose scent fulfills the promise of the sky
A gentle breeze to serenade her glow
A gentle mist protects this heaven’s sigh
Across the hearts of wonder what might be
She floats with hope as endless as her love
A tender moment sets her spirit free
A tender time which wishes are made of
Outside her peace a restless world awaits
Its Joys and pain defy the wise away
A challenge sent to try a lover’s traits
A challenge for her talents to display
Sleep on fair princess greet the dawn anew
Sleep on tomorrow waits a dream come true

A Shakespearean sonnet with a twist. Each stanza and the rhyming couplet end with an ostinato of repeating words. This may be obvious. What may not be so obvious is the nature of these repeated words. The firdt two stanzas have peaceful ostinstos which change in the conflict stanza and resolve with the rhyming couplet.

Now, I can go on about myself. Egotist that I am. But instead, let me share a tale about my present wife, Amor. She works very hard to support her family. From out of nowhere comes this nut to court her. They fall in love and they marry. Now to the point of this rant and a connection to the sonnet. Amor is very beautiful, in more ways than one. The nut she married told her that she might make more money as a healthcare provider if she got a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I'll never forget when Amor took her entry test. I was in a van with her brother-in-law. Amor's test result was so bad, we had to laugh. Imagine a test result that bad. But I believed in Amor. We studied hard, so she could retake the test. She just barely passed on her second attempt. Amor attributes it to luck. She worked very hard and earned hr CNA, with an impressive test score. Not only that, but her school and a number of her classmates credit her for helping others, who would have quit, earn their CNA's also. Armed with her CNA and her "can do" spirit (not to mention her beauty) Amor dreams to face her tomorrows.

So as the princess sleeps: Secret Garden "Sleepsong" 

Guarantied, you've never seen a vlog like this one 

Adam Kontras is credited for posting the first vlong on January 2, 2000. A Vlog is a blog in video form, also referred to as a video log. Meet Freddie Wong, actor, filmmaker, musician, VFX artist, competitive gamer and a major part of the YouTube channel RocketJump. Freddie was considering starting up his own vlog, in addition to his other projects, but something(s) got in the way. 
What was that something? "Freddie's Vlog" 

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  1. What a beautiful story of your wife earning her CNA. Look beyond the words. You love her and want the best for her. You know her value is worth more and you believed in her! To me, I guess this man is not a nut but a treasure! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. thank you. you are so kind.
      In a relationship 1 + 1 = ?