Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Forever’s Treasure to Every New Year Ever 
What is ever's treasure 
None of these silly New Year's resolutions 

Forever’s Treasure (villanelle) 

I turned my head toward hope and there she’d be
Pure magic were those moments we’d attain
Forever’s treasure bourn to memory
When world of shear confusion tortured me
False happiness was harder to maintain
I turned my head toward hope and there she’d be
And with each kiss a dream would be set free
A dream for some but lovers would explain
Forever’s treasure bourn to memory
And so we’d flow creating fantasy
Against all doubt one wonder would remain
I turned my head toward hope and there she’d be
This tick in time our island set at sea
Where happiness would taste the golden rain
Forever’s treasure bourn to memory
Again we’d set to yesterday I’d flee
Soft music in my heart plays sweet refrain
I turned my head toward hope and there she’d be
Forever’s treasure bourn to memory

Another villanelle, right? It is, until we pause to think what is forever's treasure. Is it a person, hope, maybe both or maybe something else. Another, out there, somewhere, villanelle.

One thing about our memories (mine,at least), they aren't entirely factual. We tend to add or take things away. I believe it has something to do with our hope for happiness or tranquility. Regardless if our past was good or bad or how factual it is, our past is us. I believe we are all special. Now, take one further step with me. Some of us may say, "I haven't done anything." There was once a blind man, selling pencils near my work. I'd see him almost everyday. I never talked to him nor bought a pencil from him. Who is to say how different I'd be without this memory in my life. I'm sure we can all relate to this image.(Maybe not a blind man, but something that just passed though our life.) We can take our hope for tomorrow, but if we stop to think about this: doesn't this join the past? Then ,in my situation, there was Arlene and my present wife, Amor, who was and is an important part of me. What is forever's treasure? "Must give us pause."

One more thing to add to this conundrum: Joy Of Living Feat. Nitza "We're All Beautiful" 

Do any of these New Year's resolutions strike a chord 

According to Brain Research Institute, the top 11 New Year's resolutions for 2016 are: Lose Weight, Getting Organized, Spend Less, Save More, Enjoy Life to the Fullest, Staying Fit and Healthy, Learn Something Exciting, Quit Smoking, Help Others in Their Dreams, Fall in Love and Spend More Time with Family. Now, if one or more of these sound familiar, we are not alone. On the other hand, if this video by Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh, rings some bells then we'd better seek some help. (The bell is out of order.) 
While we're waiting for the repairman. here's "EVERY NEW YEARS EVER" 

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Hope is the thing with 
feathers that perches in the 
soul - and sings the tunes 
without the words - and 
never stops at all.
Emily Dickinson


  1. No resolutions here - or not on New Years Day anyway.
    Love the Emily Dickenson poem, and wish you a year (and a life) filled with love and laughter.

  2. With the absolute truth of the matter truly being that none of us would have existed unless our our Heavenly Father/Creator wanted us to, it is indeed true that we are all special.