Thursday, December 17, 2015

Here In This Time to Christmas with a Baby 
A lovers searching finds his answers in this time 
Timeless as that moment of the first Christmas with baby 

Here In This Time (lyrical poem) 

What can I add to make complete
What do I have that can compete
To worlds which surely calls her sweet
And lays their gifts about her feet
What can I add to all she’s heard
To capture feelings in a word
Of yet another soul she stirred
And for this dream has life deferred
For here in this time this is my chance
To take her hand and cast my stance
And for this while dreams to enhance
Here in this time
Here in this time
What can I add to endless bliss
What gesture will she not dismiss
Perhaps a dream waits for a kiss
One simple chance to end my abyss
What can I add she came my way
Here was the door fated display
My offered hand she didn’t stray
Why this occurred no one could say
For here in this time this was our chance
She took my hand to cast a stance
And for this while dreams did enhance
Here in this time
Here in this time

Another bunch of words waiting for a song. If there are any songwriters out there who need lyrics, help yourself. The only charge I ask is a free copy of the song. If one checks, I have kept the beats really tight.

Arlene had been dead for four years. I was heavily involved with San Francisco's Masonic Youth. I was not dating or seeing any women. The fraternity thought that it might look better, I working with a bunch of teenagers and all, if I considered being seen with a woman. This is when and why I began courting Amor, my current wife. She had a lot of problems, yet she was funny and cute beyond any description. When I was with Amor, I had no problems. which helped me solve some of her's. Imagine, a person to chase away all your problems. Wouldn't you fall in love? After a year's courtship, we got married. Everyone was happy for me. Who knew what laid ahead. But for Amor's and my three year gift. we danced and rejoiced in our "here and now".

To carry us along" The Lettermen "Precious and Few/Cherish" 

How about a dose of memories 

The Washington Post reports we will be enjoying a full moon this Christmas. The first one we had since 1977. The moon was full on December 25, 1776. That's right, when Washington crossed the Delaware. Ah memories. Like the baby's first Christmas. Thad and Esther Anderson (Story of This Life) are back on the viral video list with their compilation of their daughter, Ellia's first Christmas. This video was originally posted a year ago. It is so heartwarming that it is making a resurgence.
What I found enjoyable about this video is that it took me to my kids' first Christmas, even though it didn't happen exactly like this. "Christmas with a Baby"

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Time and memory are true 
artists; they remould reality 
nearer to the heart's desire.
John Dewey

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