Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hopes Of Tomorrow to Live Your Faith 
An old man sees his past 
A young woman sees her future 

Hopes Of Tomorrow (free form poem) 

Where can I turn to
Where can I find
My hopes of tomorrow
Now taken away
Gone are the mountains
Which carried the echoes
Across the fields
Which bloomed in my name
So sad are the fables
Of a tired old man
Who lives in a dream
Short of those moments
So sad those faded nights
Those cobweb covered lights
A different time
A different time
But here I sit pondering
Drinking in days all alone
Under the glowing sky
Clouded in memories
There in a wet reflections
I see the many faces
Which use to be me
So confusing so confusing
There at the verge of my darkness
Comes the face of a stranger
Eagerly shaking my hand
Saying thank you

A free form poem. I still used the 4 line stanzas to regulate my thoughts, and since I rarely use punctuation marks in poems, for breaks. The whole poem gets darker and darker, and from out of nowhere comes a surprise ending.

I know, many can relate to this poem. Let me just share how it relates to me. I am a 63 year old man, with a bleak future, because of physical ailment. I have little to look forward to, except my "seat in heaven". Before you start crying for me, I had an unbelievable life/dream. Between my past and my wife, Amor, that's all that keeps me going. My doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers are amazed with how well I'm taking my condition. I don't get many visitors. One, because people who knew me find it very hard to see me this way. Two, I don't want to wreck other's dream of me. That's the egotist in me coming out. Sure, every now and then, I get depressed. My neurologist has even suggested depression, medication, because of my condition. I have been blessed with Amor, my new wife, who destroys depression. We had 3 unbelievable years together before I got sick. People respect my wishes, but every now and again, I get thank you notes either over the computer or in the mail. I see others building on things I have established or have worked on. The last challenge I have set for myself is to remove all negatives from my being. Lesson from my life: make memories. Thank yous.

Speaking of Thank yous: Liberace "It Was a Very Good Year" 

There are tears of sadness and tears of Joy 

Children learn in different ways, the biggest of which is observation. Well, the Holiday season is upon us. Say what we will on how people choose to celebrate this time, but we cannot escape the fact that there is a different feeling in the air. A feeling of kindness which seems to permeate from everywhere. Esther Anderson and her daughter Ellia want to add to this feeling. After all, there can never be too much kindness. 
Have that Kleenex ready as we enjoy: "Live Your Faith" 

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The whole universe is change 
and life itself is but what you deem it.
Marcus Aurelius


  1. Amor makes the difference. Amor, memories and the fact that you keep your mind active.
    I too have a neurological condition which makes life difficult. And there are still things to marvel at each day, and memories to hug to myself.
    Your thank you notes are a huge and additional bonus. Markers to a life well lived - as opposed to an existence.