Friday, December 11, 2015

Housework Can Be Awesome to Instagram Husband 
Mix a husband with some Limericks and what do we get 
Could it be worse than an Instagram husband 

I Was Caught At Last (limerick) 

Accused me of being a crook
So at me the judge threw the book
To new life I’m heading
As tears wife was shedding
And pictures of wedding folks took 

Housework Can Be Awwwsome (limerick) 

Why does husband help wife with dishes
With vacuum and mop through mess swishes
All else he dismisses
To aid his Mrs.
It’s for some more kisses he fishes

Wife Got The Blues Then Step This Way (limerick)

If the wife is crying the blues
Because you’re not paying love’s dues
And all of your powers
Cannot stop her showers
Then instead of flowers buy shoes

More of my 6/5 limericks. 6 rhymes in 5 lines. Follow the beats in lines 3, 4 and 5. As far as I know, I am the only one to practice this form of limericks. Join me.
Let's dispel more about that "secret" organization. (Keep in mind: this is not an effort to get members,) There is plenty for men to do as a Mason. One of the fraternity's truths is: All men are equal. One of the opportunities of a Lodge is to serve on the line of officers. In a perfect world, this is an 8 to 9 year commitment. The stages are: The junior and senior stewards, marshal, junior and senior deacons, the junior and senior wardens, the Master of the Lodge and the Chaplin (sometimes this position is filled by someone else). As a member of the line of officers, a man is required to set to memory somewhere around 6 million words. Each position is a lesson in life and carries its own responsibilities and duties. As in life, a man does his best to meet his office. In a perfect world, as in life, a man fills each office only once. Thus the need of doing one's best. In the real world a man may drop out unexpectedly, an office must be filled by another member or left vacant, a man might be called to repeat one of the top 3 positions. The world is not perfect and who knows what may happen in 8 to 9 years. Now here is an interesting truth in Masonry: Even though a man becomes Master of a Lodge, he is no better than a man who ever served. "All men are equal."

This song may or may not help us to "get the picture": Rhett and Link "Get Off The Phone Song" 

A new creation of this modern world 

According to various studies, the single most common use worldwide of mobile phones is checking the time. Now this useless fact is pretty surprising when one hears about all the texting going on on a phone. Think about it;  people would rather type on a phone than talk on it  Mobile phones take pictures! Don't even go there. We had to develop an entire website for all the pictures being taken by those mobile devises. 
There is a rumor selfie sticks may become a thing of the past. Why? "Instagram Husband" 

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Albert Einstein


  1. I'll take flowers over shoes any day.
    And particularly over those back breakers...