Sunday, December 27, 2015

I’d Rather Be Like Him to Things I'd Rather Do Than Smoke 
A road toward a positive 
A road away from a negative 

I’d Rather Be Like Him (poem)

I‘d rather be a lot like him
He always has some time to share
You need an ear he’s always there
And there’s his smile it’s never dim
A call for help he’s first to stand
His eyes see only hope and good
Not lost in things misunderstood
His every act so smooth and grand
To him they turn yes one and all
What wonders will come from his hat
And can they have a part of that
He smiles for them and dares not fall
So many people’s lives he changed
He showed them how to do the same
While they took pictures for their frame
For them his life was rearranged
Through all it’s him I’d rather be
Not here alone trapped with my thought
This lonely soul that’s bound too taut
The real live person they can’t see

A simple poem, right? A simple poem, with a complicated conclusion. An example of misleading a reader, Often,in life, people are lead to take things for granted. This poem tries to do the same thing. A simple poem, but after one reaches the conclusion, the poem calls for one more reading.

Is this poem about me? I have found: life is like a mirror. We tend to more readily recognize things which are part of our world. (Just part of my belief system.) In a way, this poem is like that old adage "the grass is always greener..." Have you ever had  in your life (or maybe its you) that person everyone admires, everyone wants to be like? Not to put limits on this poem: Sometimes we dream we were this person. Sometimes this person is held in such high esteem even they wish they could be them. Then there is the sadness and confusion, But aside from all, it is life's mirror telling us, it may be so.

To go with this concept I've selected:  Rue De Soleil "Dust" 

Before we go too far, I was a long time smoker 

Tobacco companies have been getting the negative credit for marketing its harmful product, Although the natives of the Americas have been smoking tobacco long before/ it is Sir Walter Raleigh who is credited for introducing this deadly product to Europe. Meanwhile, Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla of Smosh, have done it again. They have jumped on the non-smoking band wagon. Whether funny, ridiculous or not, it is attracting and getting the attention of viewers, hopefully to stop smoking or not taking up the habit. Rethinking what Andrew and Anthony are really saying with this video, is attracting a wondrous resurgence in this video. 
Don't be surprised if this video and more like it start popping up in non-smoking campaigns. "21 THINGS I'D RATHER DO THAN SMOKE" 

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No star is lost once we have seen,
We always may be what we might have been.
Adelaide Proctor


  1. You know I can't think of anyone else I want to be. My own life isn't perfect by any means, but being myself is the one thing that no-one can do any better than I can.
    Sometimes I admire what other people do, but not to the point I want to be them...

    1. I bet there are people who wish they were you.
      Thank you for everything

    2. I would be very, very surprised if anyone wished to be me.

  2. One of the big shocks to my system while our Heavenly Father was first making Himself to real unto me is that He is actually with all of us while we are still a part of this world--even with those who refuse to seriously consider the possibility of His existence. For I was taught that it is not until one accepts Christ Jesus as their own personal Lord and Savior that the Holy Spirit is sent to dwell in their heart. Whereas, the absolute truth of the matter truly is that it is when someone becomes "born-again" that they are made aware of His omnipresence, with the amount of this depending upon what He wants to accomplish in and through them. What He wants to accomplish in and through us governs everything. For there is really not anything good about any of us apart from Him.

    1. For myself, it important that I use the gifts the Lord has blessed me with to help my fellow man. An interesting "biblical note" most miss: Jesus "fed" the people before he taught.
      Thank you for the support