Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nature Of The Night to Robe Vanish Prank 
The night will claim two lovers 
A robe will claim a magician and capture wonderment 

Nature Of The Night (English sonnet) 

And there they met the nature of the night
Two lovers lost to all except the air
The air which bore the scent of something rare
There never was a moment quite so right
They shared a feeling in a timeless stare
Within their eyes the hope of endless light
The light which sweet surrender does ignite
Was ever made a moment to compare
And as they kissed the night unleashed a mist
The air beheld the music of their sigh
A darkness held their passions in its midst
They light a kiss and vanished from the eye
The nature of that night will long exist
Forever written cross the star struck sky 

I start this story/sonnet the word "And", eluding that there was something going on before this. What it was is left up to the imagination of the reader. Even the ending is put in the realm of imaginations, as the sonnet is unclear as to what exactly happened. 

I  am familiar with the world  of ill-fated lovers. In high school, I dated a Chinese girl in a world where Chinese gangs and blacks were at war. If I was found out, I might not be writing this now. More interesting than this, was my mother. She was brainwashed in Nazi Germany. I experienced, first hand, the depth and wonder of successful brainwashing. She had to deal with her son marrying a non-aryan. I never brought Arlene to my house because I knew she would not be well received. My mother came to my wedding, hoping to cause trouble. She would find out Arlene's cousin was a police officer, who brought some friends to make sure my mother had a good time. Make no mistake, though I didn't love my mother, I respected her as any good son should. Over time, my mother convinced her brain that Arlene was white. I know this because, one day she was spewing her racist blah blah in front of her grandson, my son, Peter. He said something amazing to her. "What about me, grandma?" 

Back to the poem. here's: Secret Garden "Prayer" 

Do we love magic 

The pay toilet was invented by English stage magician John Nevil Maskelyne. It took me a half-hour to flush out this piece of useless information. Let's wash our hands of this and get on to Rahat Hossain (MagicofRahat)  Rahat is wowing people on Hollywood's famous Walk of Stars with his vanishing robe trick. Normally Rahat lets is in on his secret. This time we have no idea how he blows the minds of spectators.  
If anyone has a clue how Rahat does this, please let us know. "Robe Vanish Prank" 

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  1. I suspect that your mother didn't realise that she was prejudiced. I am sorry that you couldn't love her (while not surprised). I am also a bit surprised that you could respect her.

    1. She was a product of her environment, and my mother.
      Thank you for everything.