Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quiet Night to "Daddy" without music 
Lover, a quiet night, a crime 
The new PSY hit without music, comedy or a crime 

Quiet Night (Martin verse) 

It was another quiet night
She felt that something wasn’t right
Some truth that still eluded sight
While her lover now held her tight
So strange was his feeling of care
And words not a one did he share
Enchantment of hearts filled the air
And if there are dreams it is there
For here was her blessing this night
One moment for moments they share
When music of love filled the air
Before world they knew became tight
He searched out a store with great care
And waited for time to be right
When suddenly guns were in sight
Which left him on ground bleeding there
So who is this now holds her tight
Who is it holds truth from her sight
What turns a wrong to one last right
It was another quiet night

(Another Martin verse. If you are interested in writing a Martin verse go here: Let me know if you write one, so I can guide people to your site (free). _ There was this guy, John. He was an acquaintance of mine. I don't when it started, but when I smoked, I used to run into John at the corner 7-11. We would smoke a cigarette and talk, and that was the extent of our relationship. John introduced me to a Chinese car service like Uber, long before Uber came into existence. Did I mention, John was Chinese, from Hong Kong. Oddly, though I used this car service a lot, I never got John as a driver. John met a girl and from that time on, she was all we talked about. I met John's girlfriend/wife on the day they were married. John had a small wedding and I was invited. She loved John very much. Her only complaint about him was, he worked too much. Shortly thereafter there was a brutal shooting blocks from my house. A drug deal gone real bad. The news went out of their ways to describe the horror the shotguns made of the car and its driver. It was near impossible for me to believe. It was John.)

A beautiful song with a sad undertone: Tony Stevens "Good Night The Sun" 
(For you, John) 

Karaoke comes from the Japanese word kara, meaning empty or void, and ōkesutora, meaning orchestra. It is a form of entertainment in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music. What about the flip side of the coin,where we have professionals and take away the music? PSY with his resent hit "Daddy", with over 27 million views in 5 days, seems to be another good victim of musicless what-choo-ma-call-it. 
If you thought the original was funny... "#WITHOUTMUSIC / Daddy - Psy" 

Hit this link to be taken to PSY - DADDY(feat. CL of 2NE1)

If you enjoyed this video press this link to be taken to #WITHOUTMUSIC / Hotline Bling - Drake

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  1. His poor wife. And you. What a dreadful way to lose a friend - or even an acquaintance.

    1. The whole incidence was weird in so many ways.
      Thank you for all your support.