Friday, December 18, 2015

Reason Crying In The Night to Spatula Battle 
Listen and we may hear it crying in the night 
Listen and we may hear the tale of the mighty spatula battle 

Reason Crying In The Night (villanelle) 

Another reason crying in the night
Another scent of tears now fills the air
Because no care was there to set it right
Somewhere a hand is reaching out of sight
From unknown oceans of its own despair
Another reason crying in the night
Its cries for help are met by words polite
An emptiness beyond what it could bear
Because no care was there to set it right
It searched the darkness hoping for some light
When something in its madness caught its stare
Another reason crying in the night
They put some fleeting meaning to their plight
And dreamed an end to all of its affair
Because no care was there to set it right
And in their spawn came flames of woe so bright
With unknown oceans other souls now share
Another reason crying in the night
Because no care was there to set it right

This is a villanelle. To find out more about them or to write one yourself go here Other than trying to keep the poem's problem open, to give the reader avenues to relate, I have followed the villanelle form.

(The poem is not limited to charity) I got my start in charity at Chevron Oil. It was surprising to me the extent of charity work this oil company was involved in. But let me just talk about me and my view of the world. I was asked to help, and given time, the United Way of the Bay Area. I was a part of a team assigned to raise funds (in addition to the company's donation). I was just starting out in the world of charity and found my efforts quite disappointing. It seemed, to me, that so many needed help and there were so few who cared (hence the villanelle). I was a good volunteer and asked to come back. Being an egotist, even back then, and so few volunteers, not only did I agree to help, I went after other volunteer efforts. Now here is where the story and life turns weird. The more I got involved in volunteer work, the more I ran into others who volunteered. It seems it was me who didn't see; Who couldn't see. There were people, by the score, helping, caring, serving long before me. As I changed I saw the world in a different way. Lesson?

To go with the villanelle: ├ôlafur Arnalds "Only The Winds" 

A spatula can be a helpful kitchen aid or it can be a... 

Remember back in 1972 when the movie "Fist of fury" and Bruce Lee was unleashed on the world? Legend has it that it was these two who would be the boom the interest of the martial arts. Legend also has it that the nunchaku stick, Bruce Lee's weapon of choice, was originally supposed to be the much nore dangerous and frightening spatula. But because of the terror caused on the movie set the director decided to scale back to the nunchaku. To demonstrate the fear of this weapon, Beat Down Boogie have made a video re-enacting a scene from "Fist of Fury" using the original weapon. 
WARNING - Not for the faint of heart. "SPATULA BATTLE!" 

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Those who seek to satisfy 
the mind of man by 
hampering it with ceremonies 
and music and affecting 
charity and devotion have 
lost their original nature.

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