Saturday, December 19, 2015

Recalling Times to Christmas with Will Ferrell 
On one side of a coin is the sadness lost to time 
On the other side of the coin is the excitement of Christmas with a star 

Recalling Times (Martin verse) 

Recalling times which were no longer there
Somehow I let them vanish into air
Through windows of my memories I stare
With stream of tears of missing her I bear
Her light would be the blessing of the morn
Each heartbeat thoughts of kisses would be born
The hope of ever after she’d adorn
And to this gift of heaven I was sworn
Each dream which fashioned wonder saw us there
We were the mist of lovers to be born
Ours was the flame which passion would adorn
The season’s winds enchantments we would bear
But then one cruel and dismal distant morn
A bitter taste of nothing filled the air
The shadow of her absence caught my stare
My cold and empty future was now sworn
And so was born the loneliness I bear
As through my murky window I now stare
With memories much thinner than the air
Recalling times which were not really there

Another Martin verse. If you are interested in learning more about this form of poetry, go to an article I wrote at If you write a Martin verse, let me know and I will direct people to its location.

Sometimes a poem awakens other memories. As a child, Christmas wasn't that much to me. My mother and her husband kind of down-played it. As a result, it is difficult for me to accept gifts. It wasn't till I moved with in with Arlene that Christmas came alive, though my ability to receive gifts handicaps me even now. After Peter was born, we started a Kloess family tradition, where people could stop by the house to enjoy fancy snacks. Arlene and I would gather horderves style foods, cakes, cookies and such. We had a vast assortment of drinks, but as for alcohol there was nothing stronger than wine and champagne. Anyone could stop-by. The only unwritten rule was, don't bring presents, though it was alright to bring food and drinks. These parties were highly successful and got bigger and bigger. People would come and go all day. For many, Christmas included stopping by at the Kloess house. When Arlene died, so did the tradition. After a year, my friends encouraged me to bring the celebration back. When I met Amor, I decided to listen to them. The first return of Christmas went okay and was quite amazing to Amor, who had never seen anything quite like it. The second year though... I had been throwing this party for years. Countless people came in and left my house. No one had ever stolen from me. No one until that day. A number of presents for my friends and family came-up missing. What was worse,only a friend and family members had entered my house when the theft was discovered. Christmas was wrecked. I never had the party again.

In this mood: Al Marconi "Hollow" 

Now let's flip the coin and enjoy a laugh or two 

Elves originally come from Norse mythology. They were thought to be divine or semidivine beings with magical powers. No one should know more about elves than Will Ferrell, who played one in his Oscar overlooked movie "Elf". Will was hanging out with Billy on the Street (Bill Eichner) on the sidewalks of New York, giving people a whopping one dollar for correctly answering a movie question. 
Point? No, really take your forefinger and point. Then watch:: "Billy on the Street - Christmas with Will Ferrell" 

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The garden is growth and 
change and that means loss 
as well as constant new 
treasures to make up for a 
few disasters.
May Sarton

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