Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Returns To Me to United State of Pop 2015 
A melody returns a life spent 
A DJ returns the melodies that made 2015 great 

Returns To Me (Martin verse) 

A melody returns to me
It dances through my memory
Mid all the Joy that you set free
A paradise can truly be
Here kisses seem to have no end
Each whispered wish my thrill ascend
Another road another bend
My heart awaits the beats you send
This spell which you have cast on me
I’m bound forever to ascend
And from its call I’ll never bend
For this the world was meant to be
And if all time should find an end
And songs have lost their memory
Poor lovers lost to wander free
One heart still waits the beat you send
Just sing your song and there I’ll be
And hold me tight to set me free
Another dream a memory
This melody returns to me

(The return of Martin verse. If you are interested in writing a Martin verse go here: Let me know if you write one, so I can advertise it (free). - Besides being old, I am going through some hard times (physically). Fortunately, I lived a dream. Even when I was well, it was hard to escape the "remember whens". Even  I was guilty of reliving a memory every now and then. After all, the memories were _______ (fill in the blank).I made memories for myself and for others.For instance: When I worked at Chevron's Copy Center, I used to throw a BIG yearly picnic, the "Romp and Stomp". Everyone could come. All they had to do was bring extra food or beverages. It was held at Concord Community Park, in Concord, California. This was a time before one needed reservations, so my friend Jack, Arlene and I got there early to rope off a nice spot. The guests all turned their radios to the same station, so we could dance. We had some games like, the water balloon throw, the cart race, the sexiest male legs, just to name a few. My friend Charles and I would put on a sword fighting exhibition. The whole picnic was topped off with a big softball game. The "Romp and Stomps" got so popular that more and more people attended. By the 4th year attendance was around 150 people.This was just one example of my life. Even if age were my only challenge, I could nit run "Romp and Stomps" like that me of long ago. I tell people, do not feel sorry for me, I have made great memories. And now my memories return to me. to comfort me.)

Talk about returning, here's: Dean Martin "Return To Me" 

So what were 2015's melodies 

“Rock Your Body” was actually written by Pharrell Williams for Michael Jackson’s last studio album Invincible (2001) but when it was rejected, it got picked up by Justin Timberlake for his debut LP Justified. But what about 2015? Jordan Roseman (aka DJ Earworm) is a San Francisco based mashup artist. He has achieved worldwide recognition for his technically sophisticated, songwriting oriented music and video mashups. Since 2003 he began creating mashups of America's top hits for the year, based on Billboard' top 100. In 2007 Jordan earned the recognition he had worked for four years to garner and the world waited to see who would make Earworm's  "United State of Pop" for that year. 
Here's DJ Earworm's mashup, "United State of Pop" for 2015. "United State of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop)" 

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  1. Good memories are wonderful things to hug to ourselves on dark days and darker nights aren't they?

    1. yes they are. you have good melodies yourself. I can tell

  2. Great post! I agree with Elephant's Child!