Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ride the Tide to Drug Deal In Movie Titles 
Words open door to a life of meaning 
Words borrowed make up a drug deal 

Ride the Tide (poem) 

Ride the tide with me awhile I‘ll share with you a trip
Our ticket only cost a smile to take one daring dip
Memories beyond the hip are waiting for to be made
Together cares and worries slip awash in our parade
Take these hands afraid to trade the moments we will make
Among the stars that never fade is where we’ll make our stake
We will bask upon a lake of passion and desire
And all life’s joys for us to rake will set our lake on fire
Tell me what we two require to make a dream come true
We will not trot on gentle sire not born to this we two
When we decide to say ado that’s when their parties end
While we on blazing steeds race to imagination’s trend
You and I weren’t meant to bend or blend in fashion’s wall
Come ride the tide with me my friend this trip for one and all
Cast aside the might befall we now control the style
We are the wave that they’ll recall two legends for their file

At first glance, this appears like a simple poem of a lover inviting his desire to partake with him more of life. We could leave things at that and everyone walks away a bit richer. On closer examination, though, we notice a bit of Word Wizardry at play. For example: " ride the tide". Again in the first stanza: trip, dip and hip all rhyme. A bit complicated, but as I said, "We could leave things at that and everyone walks away a bit richer."

I have to give it to Arlene and my present wife, Amor. I was a bit on the wild side. I think that's what garnered me so many friends. Friends who made living with me a bit easier.What am I talking about, you are surely wondering. Well, before I became a photographer, I was a metaphysical lecturer, for the Messengers Of Light. Arlene not only had to be the group's sound-person, but put up with a vast array of spiritualists, from palm readers to bible specialists, who frequented the house. There were a lot of parties and personal appearances. Arlene put up with all of it. Now, we skip ahead to a more mature Martin, who was a mover and shaker with the Bay Area Masons. Poor Amor. Everyone wanted to meet her (NOW!). A lifestyle, I'm sure, she wasn't ready for. Then there were the sports (playing as well as watching), the dancing, the weekend "trips", let's try something new, we've been invited to.., I have tickets to..., and on and on it goes. What a life we lived. My present condition is less than favorable, but it does give me a chance to catch up to my own life.

Here, for our enjoyment is:Samantha James "Life Is Waiting" 

We've heard "Play on words", what about "Video Based On Words" 

According to The Guardian, the May 20,2015 version of Collins Official Scrabble Words contains 256,500 words. We should be asking: How many movies are there. More specifically, how many movie titles are there? Why, one might ask. The folks at Fine Brothers Entertainment created a clever video were the only dialog is the titles of movies. It took 160 movies to accomplish their goal, but they did it. 
Now, the next question is: How many of these movies have you seen. "DRUG DEAL IN 160 MOVIE TITLES!" 

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