Monday, December 28, 2015

Season Of The Tear to Late Night Booze Prank 
What is the season of the tear we all must face 
Hopefully nothing as trivial as the booze prank 

Season Of The Tear (English sonnet) 

What winds now bring the season of the tear
A world now strange echoes with bitter rain
My heart so longs for things I can’t explain
For purposes just seem to disappear
Adrift in swollen river filled with pain
My mind still grasp to memories so dear
These shores of hope now jagged and unclear
The truth of it grows harder to maintain
A dream perhaps with warnings of some dawn
Some lingering of shadows of the night
What winds so stings from things I didn’t try
Here at the edge of everything is gone
My yearnings search for seasons of the light
What winds will kiss forever my goodbye

Step back from this sonnet for a moment. What is it really talking about? In essence it is trying to arouse feelings; Feelings we can all relate to. Add to this, we have all lost something. Therein lies the cleverness of this style of expression. To paint in generalities, so others may join in a feeling. Also note: how the sonnet uses the words, the expression, the concept, "What winds".

I put this sonnet together reflecting on all that I have left behind in my life, There was, of course, my beautiful late wife, Arlene, the best job in the world, my youth (which I had the pleasure to live twice), my friends, the places, my heroes and the list goes on and on and on. What a life! Add to this: when I was an orator for the Masons, I used to recite these long speeches everyone had heard before. One of my mentors taught me to listen to the lives of others and to incorporate what I learned into my recitations. Not only did this make me a popular orator for the Masons, it gave me the gift of walking in other shoes (even if only a small part). I know, as a fact, we have all had seasons of the tear.

To go with the season of the tear: Michael Ortega."It's Hard To Say Goodbye" 

Now let's bring a season of a tear to some New Year's Eve party goers 

It is believed that the ancient Babylonians were the first to make the tradition of New Year's resolutions. Where did the tradition of toasting in the New Year with alcohol come from? Think about it. Does man really need an excuse to drink? Above Average productions got an idea from Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween show, where kids are told that all their candy was gone. Now, New Year's Eve partiers are told all their alcohol was gone. 
How will these adults react? "Late Night Booze Prank" 

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My coffee gets increasingly better 
the more I drink and the closer 
I come to the bottom of the cup, 
where all the sugar is. 
I wonder if life is the same way 
as we approach the end. 
Jarod Kintz


  1. Oh dear. Sometimes I am ashamed of our species. Which is the daughter of an alcoholic coming to the fore...

    1. I respect your experience.
      Thank you for sharing

  2. I feel for your pain, my friend. While I was on the brink of hysterics from having a really bad day several years ago, I asked our Heavenly Father why did it have to be so hard. Almost immediately, I "heard" Him answer in my mind, "After all, why do you think it is called suffering?" I just about wrecked the truck from doubling over in laughter. Perhaps it was just another figment of my imagination, but if not--does our Heavenly Father have a great sense of humor or what? Of course, His answer would be quite cruel if it was not for His promise, which is that the suffering we are subject to in this world is nothing in comparison to the glory of what is yet to come for all who will but want to give Him the full benefit of their considerable doubts.

    Alas, of how I wish I was better at believing. For even after all that He has shown me, I still so easily fall prey to fear.