Tuesday, December 22, 2015

She Dreams to The Other Christmas Gift 
A very special person dreams 
There is one gift which is timeless 

She Dreams (English sonnet) 

She dreams beyond all purpose and all time
She dreams of springs the promises of hope
She dreams of opportunities to climb
Sleep on fair lady on your watchful slope
She dreams were wonders never have to end
She dreams of scents were minds are wont to play
She dreams of scars which Joy will quickly mend
Sleep on sweet maiden set some cares astray
The morning sun will bring the world its due
As we who live must meet our destiny
Sleep on oh woman on your satin shore
She dreams of rainbow’s grace of sacred hue
She dreams of someone dancing happily
Sleep on my mother watch how high I soar

Another variation of an English sonnet. We set up an ostinato of "She dreams" and we wonder, who is this lady. On the first triplet we break from the pattern. This is like the chorus of a song, but still the "Sleep on" remains to tie the verse together, to tease us, to be a the pathway to a surprising answer. The osinato returns on the final triplet, with the answer we didn't expect. If the sonnet had the desired effect, we should be rethinking that special person in our life.

I put this sonnet together with my mom in mind. Annamarie was an interesting person. She was brought up in Hitler's Germany. She was an example of how powerful brainwashing can be. She was assigned to be a factory worker for the Nazi war machine and continued there under the Allie regime. When I came to America, at the age of 6, I thought this person was kidnapping from my mother. My grandmother raised me. I rarely saw my mom. Her first husband was abusive. As he beat me, I can only imagine what he did to her. Her second husband was a successful alcoholic.Alcohol didn't do him in. It was the blind madness that took him if anyone called him gay. His last fight would be with a gang, who called him gay, and beat him so badly he died in a mental institution. My mother favored my brother over me. A fact that bothered me more than any of her faults. I could go on for pages describing my mother. I never loved my mom, but I respected her. When she left me for the third time and the Internal Revenue Service was searching for her, I began appreciating what a life this person lived. How strange this world must be to her. Think about it... A world asunder, an abusive husband, a mad alcoholic... Still she dreams to make some sense of something stolen.
We can't imagine a mother's dreams when her nature tells her one thing and her situation has done this to her. I respect the one who gave me birth. "She dreams of rainbow's grace..." My mom died, and I alone had the honor of burying her.

Let's turn to this to take us a bit further: Ainara "Mother" 

And now a tale from the land of awe 

Did you know Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler, Cuba Gooding Jr.,Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Sugar Ray Leonard ang Usher were all members of Boys and Girls Clubs of America? 83% of Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Club come from low-income families. Many families can't even afford Christmas tree or the big family meals which help to celebrate the holidays. It is suspected that some of the kids in this video may again see the passing of Christmas without a girt. The kids were asked what gift they wanted. They were asked what gift their family wanted. They were then asked to choose only one. 
What do we think happened? "The Other Christmas Gift" 

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