Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stars Wait Patiently to "Where They From"- minus music  
The stars patiently wait for lovers 
Missy Elliot can't wait for music so she performs her hit without it 

Stars Wait Patiently (round) 

The stars are waiting patiently for this
As heaven casts a hush upon the air
The purpose of a moment all rests there
As time extends a lifetime touching bliss
Anticipation’s music everywhere
Each dream it seems now blossoms near to see
If they can match or scent a fantasy
Or reach an instance of a passion’s flare
But for this wonder world ceases to be
As magic stirs up feelings for its due
And heartbeats savor splendors set askew
Just what will be the dawn’s reality
Yet in this ever focuses are true
And fate’s eternity cannot dismiss
The promised hope of one more treasured kiss
The stars are waiting patiently to view

What makes this a round? It looks like an Italian sonnet. It does have the same meter and a similar rhyme scheme. If we take a closer look at the rhyme scheme, we will see: ABBA BCCB CDDC DAAD. In effect, the sonnet's end leads back to the beginning, Therein lies the fun in this sonnet.

Arlene and I were very lucky. When we first moved in together, we got a palace in the sky, It was an an apartment, in upper Market Street, overlooking,eastern San Francisco. It was near enough to Twin Peaks to split the fog on foggy days, giving us a wonderful view. Our palace was a bit secluded, but perfect for young lovers. We eventually moved to the Richmond district, where there was (and is) plenty to do.  Arlene and I were quite active. There was dinning and dancing, theaters, movies and concerts.There was sights and special event. All of San Francisco laid out at our feet. We also travel ed throughout California, and occasionally took in this country.The stars opened up endless opportunities for Arlene and me. Then came our children. Our family was still quite active, but in a slightly different way.  Instead of young lovers, Arlene and I turned into parents introducing our children to the world. Then came the time when Peter and Robin wanted their own space. Here is where Arlene and I got real lucky. Fate put us in charge of parties for the Masons. We were very successful. Sometimes the band would stay over to play an extra songs for Arlene and me. The young lovers were back. The stars were waiting.

And what are stars for: Bliss "Kissing" 

Where there stars shining when Missy Elliot's band didn't show up 

Rapper Missy Elliot skipped two grades and then intentionally failed all of her classes so she could be reunited with her friends. Her latest hit "WTF (Where They From)", released November 12, 2015 has drawn a myriad of attention, not only for the song but for the video production. On a different note, House of Halo has gotten permission from Missy Elliot to release a version of "WTF" of their own. 
The bad news is, House of Halo could not afford the band. "#WITHOUTMUSIC / WTF (Where They From) - Missy Elliot"

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A kiss is a lovely trick 
designed by nature to stop 
speech when words become 
Ingrid Bergman


  1. Love that Ingrid Bergman quote. And the rich memories you share.

  2. Sorry, I am not cool enough to appreciate Missy's talent as much as I probably should.

  3. I hadn't seen original video until I saw this funny version.
    Thank you for stopping by