Monday, December 7, 2015

Stream of Dreams to I Hate When This Happens 
Is it simply a lover's dream 
Is it simply desire's wish or could there be more 

Stream of Dreams (poem) 

There in the forest of his heart
Where wisps of dreamers often start
He heard a song he couldn’t chart
But from his reason soon he’ll part
Oh stream of dreams of all that’s true
It flows for me it flows for you
He drifted toward his melody
Not certain what his eyes might see
Should he go or should he flee
Has fate foretold his destiny
Oh seams of dreams what can we do
They flow from me they flow from you
And there she was an angel fare
His world was captured in her stare
A scent of flowers lights the air
Uncertainty awaited there
Oh steam of dreams which clouds our view
Aroused by me aroused by you
He dares to come as close as this
A silent prayer a simple kiss
Would she please or this dismiss
How would he suffer his abyss
Oh gleam of dreams this tale is though
It’s up to me it’s up to you

(Here is cute love poem. As we can see, each stanza has two sets of rhymes. One describing the scene and one repeating the theme. In addition, there is a rhyme evolving with "dreams" in the fifth line. Then there is the evolution happening in line six.  So we just turned a cute love poem into a complex word play. Love can be very complicated, so let's just enjoy it. - And so it is; at least for me. It takes two to "dance" a dream. I may write love poems, which people seem to enjoy, but that doesn't make me an expert in love. I do know that there is some mysteries at work in attraction. At one level, there are "melodies" we can all relate to. We find it in books, movies, in songs, poetry and such. At another level, there is that someone who takes our heart away. And so we have this poem: a lover and a dream. We have a scenario that many can relate to. Then we have a statement that can be the speaker or it can be directed at us. In the end, it takes two to "dance" the dream of love.)

While we are thinking, here's some mood music: Montovani "Estrellita" 

We move from love to its extreme 

According to a poll taken in 2014 by Lifestyle Magazine the number 1, day to day, thing people hate the most is traffic. What about 2015? What will people hate the most? What about you? Curtis Lepore, a YouTuber, noteworthy for his vines, thinks he has stumbled on the answer (at least among guys). 
For guys who can relate with Curtis... Plead the 5th Amendment (the right to remain silent) "‫Curtis Lepore i hate when this happen" 

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. 
Always remember, you have within you 
the strength, the patience, and the passion 
to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman

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