Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Gift to Wrapping The Perfect Present 
What does one suppose my greatest gift 
How does one wrap the present of laughter 

The Gift (English sonnet) 

So good to see you once again my friend
I can’t recall when last I saw your smile
So few can share the flare within your style
So few are left on whom one can depend
I treasure all the gifts you sent my way
Those rays of hope which sing out from our past
So few like you who fashioned ones which last
So few are left to see your last display
So few the eyes which still let wonder in
To cast their cloak once more across the floor
So few the hearts which take the time to spin
The wonders which a lover oft dreams for
And chances for new dances to begin
So few are left to stay here anymore

Another example of an English sonnet variant. In exchange for the variant is the Word Wizardry. There is the ostinato of "So few" which builds to "So few are left". This was done not only for cleverness but for dramatic effect.

So what do I consider my greatest gifts? The friends I had along the way. My drug days are a good example of the changes I went through. For five years, I was on drugs from morning till night. When I stopped, I stopped completely. I never used drugs again. Along with the drugs, I lost all the friends of that lifestyle. I went through many of these changes. Sure, there were some friends who made the "cross-overs" with me. I still remember my first friend and some of the times we spent playing, Mark. I lost him when I entered junior high school. Then there is my friend, Mike, who has been with  me since the 8th grade. I was lucky to attract a lot of friends. There were many benefits but there was also the occasional down sides. Now I enter the most, I think, challenging stage of life, old age. I liken it to the end of a play, were someone is removing the set. So much of what I knew is gone. So many of the people I knew are gone. So many days and ways I enjoyed are gone. Remember when I said I was lucky to attract a lot of friends? Every now and again I encounter one of these friends from the past. It has always been a wonder to see the one they are now. It has always been a thrill to relive their version of our past. It has always brought me a warmth to know, to feel someone who was part of my life, had similar feelings as me. When the poem say, "so few"... But those few!

So it only makes sense this is this edition's song: 
Sandro Scuoppo "That's What Friends Are For" (by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager) 

Now friends aren't the kind of gift one can exactly wrap, but... 

What we know as wrapping tape was developed in the 1930's in St. Paul, Minnesota by Richard Drew. Now that we know that, let's move on to wrapping presents. Here to help us is Kevin of BuzzFeed Video. What we are about to learn from Kevin is not just or the holidays, but will come in useful on a number of other occasions. 
For those expecting rapping lessons. Coming soon. For now: "Wrapping The Perfect Present | Kevin's Korner" 

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I cannot even imagine where 
I would be today were it not 
for that handful of friends 
who have given me a heart 
full of joy. Let's face it, 
friends make life a lot more fun.
Charles R. Swindoll


  1. I am happy you make the "Cross-over" and you are correct friendship is a wonderful gift! So few understand the richness and meaning of it. Yet, we can share these gifts with poetry!

    1. my friends made me what I am and are the strength to face tomorrow.
      thank you for the support.