Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Sacred Flower to Cat Dog Kung Fu 
What is the mystery of the sacred flower 
What is the mystery of a cat and dog when she is away 

The Sacred Flower (Italian sonnet) 

This sacred flower of so long ago
In darkness did it beauty fade away
Its death would mark a very special day
A moment long forgotten in times flow
So many moments now had passed their way
So many changes swept across these two
So many doubts which once where I love you
So many tears have caused their hearts to stray
Rage rage now fills the void of what they knew
Pain pain over loss now cast them to night
Storms storms the thunder of their violent fight
Tears tears met the things couple now threw
The flower emerged from a book in flight
And what had been dead now started to grow
They saw there the day that they had missed so
The sacred flower which sees them hold tight

An Italian sonnet with a twist. We start with a flower that died. Then we go into an ostinato stanza, where the words "So many" are repeated, to mark the passage of time. We wake up to bitter words, which repeat themselves (for emphasis and effect), to mark where the couple is now. Then something that had died comes back to life. A lot for for 4 stanzas of 16 lines.

Let me start with this: When Arlene and I announced our plans to marry, her father asked us if we wanted a big wedding or a down payment on a house. We chose a big wedding. I won't lie and say Arlene and I had a perfect life together. In times of troubles, it was those memories that saw us through the storms. That decision to have a big wedding got us to the doorway of a home of our own. Yes, there were flowers and love letter and pictures and countless memories which mended all wounds and brought us back. Even my new wife, Amor, is going through some hard times. For 3 years Amor and I made beautiful memories. Memories that flower her though her days. Point of the sonnet?

What more popular flower song is there: Westlife "The Rose" 

Ever wonder what your cats and digs are doing while your out 

According to studies done by Applied Animal Behaviour Science, dogs and cats do seem to communicate with each other. Now that seems a bit wild. But not as wild as the story passed on by this pet owner, who for some reason prefers to remain anonymous. (Lest we think she's _____.) Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer at Corridor Digital have recreated the girl's claim. (Not being able, for some reason, to capture the girl's claims on video.) 
You are about to witness an actual recreation of what an unknown girl says that happens when she is not at home with her dog and cat."Cat Dog Kung Fu" 

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There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well. 
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