Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Treasure to Macho Nachos 
A treasure for everyone 
A treasure just for the manly man

The Treasure (English sonnet) 

One day a treasure wash up on the shore
Just one of many there to share the sand
As morning broke their day would be at hand
And nothing knew what future had in store
Then strangers happened to this magic land
They gathered treasures that the ocean bore
Our treasure thought that this is what it’s for
Its purpose here seemed clear to understand
For unknown whys the strangers passed it by
It seemed so clear that it was like the rest
Till doubt set in to cloud its clarity
Soft sunset for our treasure wind did sigh
It wandered through the wiles of cursed or blessed
Our treasure was then reclaimed by the sea

(Here is a sonnet written as a proverb, a lesson, a metaphor. To breath more life into the poem, and to make more avenues for us to relate, it is packed with ideas and words with deeper meaning (i.e. sand - time, places, memory, etc.). - From my experience, each person bears their own special gift(s). As a soccer coach for our youth; some kids were better at sports than others. Some could run faster or longer. Some could kick harder. Some were better at defense or offense, Each child was different, but could play, given a chance. As a charity "leader", I needed and valued volunteers. Each thing a volunteer could do was one thing I didn't have to. Plus my people math says: 1 + 1 = something greater than 2. Plus there is an opportunity of so much more.  Every person is a treasure. Match what they do well with what needs to be done and everyone wins. Every person is a treasure. Some don't or can't see it. Some weren't given a chance play. Some believe what the media is pushing. Every person is a treasure. Sometimes they are not the day's fashion. Sometimes they are not what others are or are ready to look for. Sometimes other people (other treasures) are blinded by the moment. Every person is a treasure. And when the time comes, the ocean will reclaim its treasures.)

Let's add some Aussie flavor to this thought: Men At Work "Down By the Sea" 

There is nothing as treasured as an insight into a manly man 
(Okay, maybe a dollar)

There is a story that a man named Juan Mendez from Chihuahua, Mexico used a donkey to carry around his supplies for his food cart. To keep the food warm, he would wrap it up in a big homemade flour tortilla. Thus the name, burrito (little donkey). This is a story. (One of many.) We are about to witness another mouth watering whopper by our friend Gregg, of You Suck At Cooking. He is about to walk, or tap-dance, us through the art of making Nachos (but mine) as only a manly man can make 'em. 
Women, pay attention. We may need some help. "Macho Nachos - You Suck at Cooking (episode 26)" 

If you enjoyed this video press this link to be taken to Baked Yams with Dill - You Suck at Cooking (episode 19)

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Every single person is sacred. 
Sacred means special, precious, 
a treasure of true beauty. 
That means you.
Amy Leigh Mercree


  1. Myself I prefer the treasures which aren't 'fashion of the moment'.