Friday, December 4, 2015

Touch Of Fantasy to Every Jedi Ever 
A lover opens a fantasy 
A video opens a star war of silliness 

Touch Of Fantasy (English sonnet) 

I wait a timeless minute to explore
The meaning to a touch of fantasy
Of is this really happening to me
What heaven has removed my need of floor
What paradise lays waiting past the sea
What do the stars of ever have in store
Did beauty truly exist in before
Will dream grant me the key to mystery
And here I wait as tides of passion stray
Was there a time before I felt this way
Is every single hope within my view
In timelessness I feel a song’s refrain
Perhaps its kiss might help a heart explain
The meaning of this fairy tale with you

(An English sonnet of a different form. Normally English sonnets follow two forms (without becoming a modern sonnet): ABBA BAAB CDE CDE or ABBA BAAB CD CD CD. I have shown variations are possible: ABBA BAAB CCD EED. I am, by no means, the first to venture the realm of variations. Sonneteers, of the time, tried the hearts of their followers much like we do today. -  In and with this sonnet I have tried to express the "magic" of love. For me, it toys with us. It takes us to  the boarders of imagination. It challenges reality.Oh yes, I am much older (and different) than that young man sporting hickeys from his girlfriend on his neck.I no longer sport hickeys. But starry eyed... There is no doubt that I'm crazy about my wife Amor. I have always been a bit off (or crazy). Add Arlene and now Amor, and there are no rules, except those of the realm of love. Take this, our song of love and put the world outside aside awhile. We lovers, dream in a place real to our heart. And in the morning we can say,  "I was there.")

This calls for a romantic song: Amos Elias "El Corazon" 

From kisses to laughs - This lover stood in line to see Star Wars-A New Hope 

The actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec Guiness, thought of the Star Wars films as “fairy-tale rubbish”, but a $95 million paycheck quelled that opinion. Right now, everyone is excited about the soon to be released new episode, "The Force Awakens". But first, Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla (of Smosh) think it is important that we all consider the powers of the Jedi warrior. 
It is too bad Andrew and Anthony can't be serious "EVERY JEDI EVER" 

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  1. Love and laughter make fine foundations for a life. A life, as opposed to an existence.

    1. wonderful insight.
      thank you for everything