Sunday, December 13, 2015

Unwary Lad to Jamie Oliver's Chilli Bongo Turkey Recipe 
As an unwary lad I wasn't prepared for this 
As adults familiar with the kitchen we are not prepared for this 

Unwary Lad (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Unwary lad what can my words now do
To warn you of a fate you cannot see
My poor young lad it’s there awaiting you
Prepare your soul for there’s nowhere to flee

Why can’t you feel the eyes with you in sight
Why can’t you sense that soon your life will end
For soon you’ll know the anguish of its bight
And soon upon your heart it will descend

Unwary lad turn back it’s not too late
I shout to warn him of an end so near
I see his eyes close as he meets his fate
His dying sighs now echo through my ear

My poor young lad so unprepared for this
Another lad now taken by a kiss

An example of a playful love sonnet. Had the picture not given things away, one might think this young lad was in real danger, until the delightful and unexpected end. The second stanza serves as the conflict stanza, as it has word repetition and a heightened sense of urgency. I was very lucky that the playful nature of this sonnet is not revealed until the very last word. Who said a sonnet had to be serious?

I remember my first kiss. It was 1964, next to an ice cream parlor, at the corner of 24th Street and Divisidero. The girl's name was Malana. One would think that ice cream would cool a person down. Well contraire. Malana took me to a doorway, next to the parlor and out of public sight. There, this boy would get his first real kiss. A French kiss. I liked it! It tasted just like strawberries; The flavor of the ice cream Malana was eating. This boy went instantly kiss crazy. I spent every free moment I could find with Malana, looking for a place to kiss. (Kissing in public during this time was not socially accepted, especially for kids.) Malana left me for a boy named Skip. I was devastated. Many more girls and kisses would come before I met Arlene, and thanks to Malana. Malana was a great kisser and taught me well. Thank you Malana.

This song was still highly popular: The Everly Brothers "Til I Kissed You" 

After kissing this boy likes eating 

Turkeys are more than just big chickens. More than 45 million years of evolution separates the two species. Speaking of turkeys, chef Jamie Oliver is here to show us how fix his famous Chilli Bongo Turkey. Who is chef Jamie Oliver? It took almost 39 years of evolution to turn James Trevor Oliver into the successful celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Jamie Oliver. 
So get your pencil, paper and hula skirt ready. "Jamie Oliver's Chilli Bongo Turkey Recipe 2015" 

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A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature 
to stop speech when words become superfluous.
Ingrid Bergman


  1. I really haven't warmed to Jamie Oliver. At all. And the handfuls of salt he adds to every meal.
    I am wondering now about my first kiss. I ought (I think) to be able to remember it, but it has escaped...

    1. The reason I remember Malana is all the kisses she brought me.
      again, thank you for everything