Saturday, November 21, 2015

Strange But True to Drake-Hotline Bling-without music 
Exploring the phone via Limericks 
Exploring a hit song without the interference of music 

The Phone Call You Won’t Believe (limerick) 

When wild call about wife I got
From cupboard my whiskey I brought
And after a shot
Some clarity sought
She what with a what at a what

Strange But True (limerick) 

Some things travel past the unknown
If I told you mind would be blown
Once dinosaurs walked
Insurance men stalked
And people once talked in their phone

The New App For Phone (limerick) 

Computer wiz really struck gold
With new app for phone that he sold
For aid it supplies
When problems arise
It plays back the lies that they told

(Three more 6/5 limericks. 6 rhymes in 5 line (follow the beats in lines 3, 4 and 5). I adopted the 6/5 form in 2011 in an effort to set myself apart and to add this little extra to challenge my mind. I'm in a situation were my brain needs these mental exercises. - Let's dispel some more secrets about "That" organization. But first! I am not trying to get members. Masonry is not for everyone. From my experience, it is best for those whose family and career have made some spare time available. Now, as far as the "secrets": We masons are not allowed to share with non-masons anything in our rituals which is encrypted, our secret handshakes, our secret words and our modes of recognition. As far as our regular meetings, except for the part pertaining to voting on new members, they follow standard parliamentary procedures. The members are discouraged from discussing what happened at a meeting with anyone not in attendance, including other masons. This is done to prevent the spreading of misinformation. All records, of any meeting, are freely available, to anyone, from a Lodge's secretary, who keeps the minutes of all meetings. It may also interest you, that until recently, information about any mason was available, to anyone, via the Grand Lodges. (This practice was stopped by government privacy laws, not by any mason.) We are not above the law.)

Back to the phone theme: "Weird Al" Yankovic "Phony Calls" 

Question - Take away the music, is Drake still cool 

Timmy Thomas is a R&B singer, songwriter who rose to fame in in 1972 with his big hit song "Why Can't We Live Together". On July 31, 2015 rapper Drake released a hit song, "Hotline Bling", using the instrumental samples of Timmy Thomas' Big hit. "Hotline Bling" reached number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Drake's first top-10 single in two years, as well becoming his highest-charting single as a lead artist. All that aside, what would Drake be like without Timmy Thomas? 
Let's dare to find out. "#WITHOUTMUSIC / Hotline Bling - Drake" 

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The earth laughs in flowers. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, November 20, 2015

Precious Moments to Ultimate Thanksgiving Mashup 
A lover revisits precious memories 
A family reenact a precious memory - Thanksgiving 

Precious Moments (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I rowed my love upon a summer’s pond
Through fancied dreams which love had there composed
And time stood still to marvel at our bond
That day before the boathouse there was closed
Those nights we’d dine and dance amid the stars
Where every single love song played was yours
And every sip of magic there was ours
The night before the diner closed its doors
There in our blanket watch the setting sun
Tomorrow’s kiss would wake another day
But here with you tomorrows came undone
Until it came to wisp our spot away
So now you know the purpose of this tear
Those precious moments still live on in here

(Just your standard Shakespearean song. Except for this: read it aloud to your partner, over your favorite drinks. Let the words flow naturally along with your memories. And I guarantee this. A kiss is not far off. - Many of you, I'm sure, can relate to this poem. Me, at my age, so much of my past has become precious memories. Add to this that I have done so much. Yes, it was sad, when Schubert's, my favorite bakery, shut down. San Francisco is famous for our French bread (among other things). But our real French bread is long gone. There was a time, before Texaco's oil spill, San Francisco's beaches had white sand. There was a time the neighbors would meet on Sundays to sweep the streets and share the latest gossip over strong coffees (hint, hint). Omar Kiam (one of our special dining spot) - gone. Kathy's (Arlene's favorite dress shop) - gone. The Grand movie theater - gone. Tingles dance palace - gone. These and more - gone, gone, gone. And yet Arlene and I made memories. So as the sonnet ends with tears, for us they are tears of joy for precious memories. May all your things, now memories, be sources of joy.)

With that said: Govi "Carry Me Away" 

Talk about memories- Thanksgiving 

Turkeys have heart attacks. Once the United States Air Force was doing test runs and breaking the sound barrier. Turkeys at a nearby farm dropped dead with heart attacks. For a long time, I could not be found around Thanksgiving, until my wife stopped calling me a turkey. On the serious side (seriously funny) Penn, Kim Dean, Lola, Penn Charles, of The Holderness Family, have put together a mashup of the family's (supposedly true) past Thanksgivings to the backdrop of today's biggest hits. 
One wonders, how many turkey heart attacks will be attributed to this video. "Ultimate Thanksgiving Mashup: Hello, Hotline Bling, and Nae Nae, Holderness Family Style" 

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Cakes are special. Every 
birthday, every celebration 
ends with something sweet, 
a cake, and people remember. 
It's all about the memories.
Buddy Valastro

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Dove and the Chick to Toddler Rulers 
A lonesome dove discovers the meaning of her life 
Important rules when dealing with a toddler 

The Dove and the Chick (story/poem) 

A dove who had lived on her own
Shear loneliness was all she knew
Where teardrops were more than a few
Her memories were hers alone
It happened she happened on nest
With one lonely chick there inside
And no one to call it its pride
So she thought that she’d try her best
She showered the chick with her love
Which never saw sunshine before
There wouldn’t be tears anymore
A promise she made to her dove
And so the chick grew without care
Its mother was all of its needs
A lifetime alone she now heeds
For this all its needs she would bear
For chick she would take to the sky
For chick she would search for their food
To ask for chick’s help would be rude
Her heart saw no reason to try
But winter must soon come around
For chick it was just one more day
It paid no heed to her delay
Or that she lay dead on the ground

(Just using poetry to tell a story. A story with a message. A message quite different, depending on one's life situation. By using animals instead of people, I've allowed imagination to open. The ending may seem sad for some, yet happy for others. How is this possible? - One thing I became aware of, being exposed and performed for so many people, was: individuals have a multitude of purposes in life. That's what makes this poem so different in different people's eyes. For me, my purpose in life was to serve. Now, I can hear some of you: "Aw, Martin, how sweet." But first, I am a Christian, and believe that I have received all of my blessings for a reason. I believed it is my purpose to serve and to give back that which was given me. Secondly, I am an egotist. I was pretty good in my charitable endeavors. Not only was I good but I received admiration, applause and people who wanted to be like me. Just what an egotist needs. For me this caused two major problems. I needed to perform greater charity stunts to awe the crowd. I gained more blessings, which had to be repaid. I did perform things to humble myself, but these backfired (I have gone into detail, in a previous edition). So with this little insight, we garner some insight into the difference between the dove and the chick.)

To go with this theme, enjoy: Brian Crain "Dream of Flying" 

Let's lighten things up with something cute, funny and serious 

Studies have shown that a two year old child is generally more active then than at any other point in their life. Remember that instruction manual we all got, when our babies were born? Neither do I. Sure, I ran out to buy the latest "How To" books. Perhaps some of you did too. Sometimes I wondered, how could a toddler, be so far from the ones described by doctors and authors. Yet there were some precious things all toddlers had in common. As if there is a "Thank you" for all parents. Story of This Life has put together a few things we can expect or have gone through. 
Here is one proof of a "brotherhood of Man". These toddler behaviors extend beyond nationalities. "Toddler Rules" 

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In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. 
It's the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meadows Of Our Dreams to Do You Work For Obama 
A couple is set free by their love 
A neighborhood is hemmed in by silly rules 

Meadows Of Our Dreams (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Let’s dance upon the meadows of our dreams
And cast aside the world and all its rules
To follow fancies lovers’ hearts redeems
The sparkles found within a wish’s jewels
Let’s float across the cans and the cannots
To cast some magic moments of our own
And breathe some precious life into our thoughts
Conceiving wonders we have always known
Let’s kiss the time and seconds blessing us
By spreading seeds of glory of our love
Each flower a reminder it was thus
As passion’s flames still wander past thereof
So while a candle glows on our romance
In meadows of our dreams let’s join to dance

(Just your normal song to love. I use dance to mean a lot of things encompassing love and life. Here, in this verse, a lover's heart sings out for two. The idea is brought to its height by restating the beginning. - I thank Mr. Land and the rest of my teachers for setting me free. Here I was, a lover in the beautiful city of San Francisco. There, in itself, more than anyone could ask for. Drop into this dream a young lady, who wanted to make memories with me. But more... More than just numbers and symbols in math. More the dotting the "I"s and crossing the "T"s in English class. More than who did what in history. Those wonderful faces taught me there were worlds to explore. And there I was, a partner at my side, enjoying the candle lit and fed by teachers. And the kisses... the stars... the memories... The Dance... Thank you all.)

This looks like a good place to pop in a little reggae: Melanie Durrant "Made for Love" 

Put aside freedom here comes U.N.C.H.A.P. 

There is a law in Nebraska that drivers on mountains should drive with caution near the right hand edge of the highway. The problem is that there are no mountains in the state of Nebraska. If that raised an eyebrow, then watching  UNCHAP at work sold set your eyebrows trough the skies (and there might be a law for that). UNCHAP stands for United Neighborhood Citizens Home Appearance Patrol. Their job is to patrol the neighborhood and give out citations. As one might imagine, it is a thankless job. 
Thankless, as no one knows exactly what's going on. They're too busy laughing. "DO YOU WORK FOR OBAMA? - PRANK! (UNCHAP)" 

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You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.
William W. Purkey

Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost Forever to Pro Wrestler Smooths Up His Act 
Lost lovers take a dark path to forever 
A lost wrestler smooths upon a path to laughter 

Lost Forever (Shakespearean sonnet) 

A lost forever deep in lover’s eyes
A path to never floating off in tears
A shroud of pain replaces Joyous years
As in the streets of darkness someone cries
There every kiss they shared a sweet goodbye
Each hug each hope now joins in the refrain
Till emptiness a reason must explain
Just why a precious dream was called to die
Her skin still bore the scars of nightly fights
Each bruise she wore echoed new life she bore
Each beating got much worse than those before
And no one saw or listened to her plights
So there she was a victim of a knife
Escape she chose to end her lover’s life

(This was a heartbreaking poem. It does demonstrate a story progression. With each stanza the situation gets worse. In the case of this sonnet, mirroring what might have happen to the couple's relationship up to this. This "progression style" can also be effective in a happy poem. - Here is a tale of a man called Ray. From his early school days, he attracted bullies. His family had broken up and he lived with his mom, who beat him. Ray joined a gang who protected him from bullies, but bullied him themselves. Magic finally entered Ray's life when he met this girl. Somehow, she got Ray out of the gang, encouraged him to get a job and find an apartment where the two could live, happily ever after. It wasn't long thereafter till Ray's girlfriend showed her true self. Whenever Ray showed his face, it was covered with bruises. Rumors started floating around, Ray's girlfriend was beating him. It was a time when men just weren't beaten up by women (a "legend" of that period), so Ray had nowhere to go to seek help. Unlike the poem, Ray didn't kill his girlfriend. Instead, he turned to crime. He became a car thief. Besides earning him some nice money, it landed him in jail, and escape from his abusive girlfriend. Funny, Ray gave my wife a ride home just blocks from where he was arrested. Life.)

Fitting for this theme: Suzanne Vega "Luka" 

Let's replace tears with laughter and a smile 

"Yes, we know it's 'fake'." WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Chairman Vince McMahon first publicly stated that match outcomes were "predetermined" during testimony before the New Jersey State Senate in 1989. Today WWE openly acknowledges its scripted nature. But the matches are still entertaining, So are the verbal matches between opponents. At least they could be before trying Bic's new shaving product for men. It seems, in their new ads, Bic believes their new Flex5 razors can smooth out the attitudes of men. 
How will this change pro wrestling? "A Pro Wrestler Smooths Up His Act" 

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Our character is but the stamp on our souls 
of the free choices of good and evil 
we have made through life.
John C. Geikie

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Handshake to I Bought A Lemon Jeep 
A handshake struck a lover's fate 
As a customer gets a strange revenge for a deal gone sour 

The Handshake (Shakespearean sonnet) 

I travel through a world of make-believe
That started when I shook a stranger’s hand
And from that instant all the world was grand
And dreams were waiting for me to conceive
Each day another marvel to fulfill
The nights were cast with dancing mid the stars
The dreams of countless minions were all ours
And with each turn we stirred another thrill
Then passed the day when things began to fray
When what was real would smash into my face
And there I stood alone and out of place
As madness chased reality away
I’m forced to watch my blessings meet the tide
In silent torment of the day I died

(You may not know it but this, at one time, was a common variation of the Shakespearean sonnet. Most people use the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme. I offer this reminder for us sonnet enthusiasts (ABBA CDDC EFFE GG). - As far as this story/sonnet, I take you back a long long time ago. On a dark street corner, before the sun was about to come up, there was a paperboy. He was madly in love with a girl, as most teenage boys were prone to be. In the darkness, he offered his soul to be with her. Days would pass and see the couple together. They would get married and share endless dreams together. No couple could wish for more than the sunshine of this fantasy. The young lady died, leaving an old man to wander back to a dark street corner. Did it really happen?)

I think we can all agree, this song ids fitting: The Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil" 

Another day another deal 

Ever hear of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation?  Well, in 1954 they merged with Hudson Motor Car Company to form American Motors Corporation (AMC), which was purchased  in 1987 by Chrysler. Chrysler is the manufacturer of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In Australia, Teg Sethi (:Teggy") bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee. His experience was less than favorable. Being a good consumer Teggy, after getting the run-around every step of the way, took his complaint to Chrysler. Still not getting any satisfaction, Teggy came up with a creative solution. He turned to YouTube. 
With over 1.7 million views I think Chrysler is listening. What do you think? "I Made A Mistake I Bought A Lemon Jeep song by Teggy – Jeep Grand Cherokee, what a lemon!" 

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Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, 
or what's a heaven for?
Robert Browning

So Certain to Big Bird Interns At Funny Or Die 
A person learns about himself 
Big Bird learns about comedy

So Certain (free form poem) 

So certain of the things he didn’t see
Floating in the vast clouds
Of things he had learned
Of things he was taught
Of feelings
Of dreams
Of things which might be
So certain of it all
This leader of men
No fear held him back
Confidence blooming
Over streets once dark
As once strangers rushed to his name
So certain was he
Of the meaning of the day
The purpose behind life
The footsteps of people
Which he touched with his ear
Resounding something they had misplaced
An island of hope
Why shouldn’t he be
Taking the glory of so many dreams found
Restoring songs forgotten
Father of smiles
Reason for doing
I want to be something like him
So certain
He forgot
He was human

(Ironic, this is a free form poem. There is a message in its form. We have long stanzas extolling the glories of an individual, followed by three short lines of another truth. - Life really was pretty good to me. My childhood was a bit rough. I was never financially rich. I'm sure there were things I missed out on. But the things I did... Money? Who needs money, when people are constantly vying for your attention? Time? People are always commenting on how short it is. I, on the other hand, have lived in a time that was long enough to do wondrous things. How does one get an egotist to do things? Give him an award. You should see my wall. It is covered with awards. I have trophies, medals, pins, ribbon and letters. But all that aside, I am human. And so the poem. Lucky? (This poem may spark something completely different in other individuals.))

I offer for your enjoyment: David Bowie "Heroes" 

Here individuals learn different lessons 

Big Bird, Sesame Street's 8 foot 2 inch bird, lives in a nest behind 123 Sesame Street. Not many know that Big Bird was an intern at Funny Or Die. Funny Or Die is an Emmy-winning comedy video website and film/TV production company founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. The website contains exclusive material from a number of contributors as well as maintaining a staff of it own. It is rumored (at least by Entertainment Weekly) that Big Bird is trying to break out of children’s daytime television. 
How did the internship go? You be the judge. "Big Bird Interns At Funny Or Die" 

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Experience is the child of thought, 
and thought is the child of action.
Benjamin Disraeli