Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Special Song to Not Today 
A song shared by lovers 
A song written to change someone's luck 

A Special Song (Shakespearean sonnet) 

Come share a special song of love with me
Which sets my soul to sail where dreams do play
And teach my heart the magic of your sway
Together let us touch eternity
Come flow with me mid love’s enchanted tune
Which lingers softly somewhere mid your scent
And vows our cherished hopes will ne’er be spent
In destined Joy forever we’ll commune
And though the sea of doubt may fill the air
The thunder of the dark may char the ground
Confusion’s chorus echoes all around
Does love song hold a chance to float through there
Come bare your trust this melody of two
And air another verse of I love you

Just a Shakespearean love sonnet. I have come on some fire for using the word "which" in place of "that". I use "which" because, I feel, it has a softer sound. Once more, I started with two compelling quatrains, followed by a conflict and resolved in the rhyming couplet. 

Love can be fun. And, from my experience, it is women that make it so. Put aside the kissing and hugging (and the sex). Give a woman a gift and oh my! Put a little thought into it and oh my my! Everyone likes to feel special. but make a woman feel special and oh... You are not only the king of her heart, but the admiration of all her friends. Even if she doesn't brag about you, other females seem to recognize the special glow put on her by someone special. Let me share an example. When I got engaged to Amor, I took her to lunch and invited all her friends.I presented her with her engagement ring. She was very disappointed. Instead of a diamond, I gave her a big ruby. I told hr it was my heart. When she saw what effect my words had on her friends and how impressed they were with her ring, that was the best engagement ring any bride to be would ever receive. Doubt that? Well, take it up with Amor. Just one verse of a love song. 

Search most lists of love songs and you will run into this: Etta James "At Last" 

A love song of a different type 

Watch this video first 

All you lovers out there, did you know, according to the National Fire Protection Association, candles are the 8th leading causes of home fires in America? They account for 25 home fires a day. It was't candles that were responsible for burning Michelle Dobyne's home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Initial inspector reports point to an electrical issue.  Michelle is a mother of 3. What is she to do now? Songify This saw the news video of Michelle as it hit YouTube. They decided to help by making a funny song out of the news interview and post it on YouTube and iTunes. All revenue will go to Michelle and her kids. 
Just by watching this video you too are helping Michelle. "Not Today (The Building Is on Fire) ft. Michelle Dobyne - Songify This" 

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Love is when the other person's happiness 
is more important than your own.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


  1. Love and Understanding. Insight. Magical wor(l)ds. ...exactly what I needed to read today.
    Hallo, Jerry suggested I pop by, and I'm glad I did. I like your writing...

    1. Thank you.
      Hallo guided me your way.
      Good supporter

  2. I am as mushy as they get! Great Post! Thank you!

  3. Since you have experienced such a great loss yourself, I am quite sure that you know what I am saying, even if you do not necessarily agree with it. Anyway, I still say that Tennyson did not know what he was waxing poetically about having loved and lost being better than never loving at all!

    1. On careful reflection, you may be right. (consider all cases)
      thank you for bringing this to our attention