Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A World Asunder to Mental Ward Mix-Up 
What madness had set a world asunder 
What madness had caused this mix-up at a mental ward 

A World Asunder (poem) 

A heart alone to wonder
What spell had it been under
To bear the pains of blunder
And lose so much to plunder
To set a world asunder
The season was set singing
Through lovers' hearts were ringing
To bear the pains of blunder
Was someone else’s stinging
With so much promise bringing
A heart alone to wonder
Was she what he was after
To fill the days with laughter
And happiness hereafter
A dream in heaven’s rafter
Those moments blossoms flowered
What spell had it been under
This feeling so empowered
Over reason it towered
And truth would be soon devoured
Within a time then tender
Past purpose or surrender
A scar a heart would render
And lose so much to plunder
As love had turned offender
Soon tears would be an ocean
Escape there gave no notion
Shear madness was in motion
And offered up a potion
To set a world asunder

Here is a bit of word wizardry. Or should I say line wizardry? All the lines I plan to use are previewed in the first stanza. As the poem progresses. and we gain fuller insight, the initial lines are used again, and in their initial placement. As one might imagine, a  poem of this form requires a little planning. 

This poem tries to point out two ideas. First we have a brevity of  a situation. Some people condense in their mind a situation. As the poem tries to illustrate, each line has a story of its own. The broader view may provide the listener fuller insight, though it does not guarantee a solution. 
To unexpectedly lose someone we love, for whatever reason, is a trying experience. I can only give you my personnel experience. It was quite interesting. I have generally been a positive person. If one have been following Poetry and Viral Videos, it is clear how much I loved Arlene. Soon after she died , something strange came over me. "Why did she leave me? That so and so." Every little negative Arlene did came to the forefront. Some "negative mood" had come to life and turned my dream into all the bad things she did, totally negating a galaxy of joys. With the help of those close to Arlene and I and the memories we built, the "evil" was cast out. I still miss Arlene a lot. I still don't understand why Arlene had to die so young. 49. Yes, she did some bad things, but I am now allowed to enjoy the endless dreams that was Arlene and Martin. 

We all know what song is coming: Michael Jackson "She's Out of My Life" 

From one madness to another 

Ever hear of a fursuiter? A fursuiter is a person who enjoys dressing up in animal costumes. At one stage this can be fun. Taken to extremes and you may have  a mental illness brought to light in 2009. This may have had to be explained to an actor who needed some money. Someone paid him to dress up like a kangaroo for a doctor's birthday. Instead of bringing the doctor a present, the actor was to serve the doctor some legal papers.  
Confused yet? Great! Because the whole thing becomes maddening. "Fameless - Mental Ward Mix-Up" 

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Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth 
until the hour of separation. 
Kahlil Gibran


  1. Some of the things our brains do to 'protect' us are down right odd. And dangerous. I suspect your brain was trying to convince you that Arleen wasn't wonderful so that you would miss her less. In a perverse way it makes logical sense, even if it is/was wrong on so many levels.

    1. That is something I did not consider.
      My latest project is to free myself of all negative thoughts.
      thank you