Tuesday, January 19, 2016

All That I Am to Sales Girl Drifts Customers 
A person tries to escape his limitations 
A girl helps men escape their limitations 

All That I Am (free form poem?) 

Let me loosen on you a thought I made
A thought I made
A thought I made
It came upon me while watching something outside
Outside the window of things I’m normally used to
Normally used to
Normally used to
I stepped beyond this person which I was
Was this the call of moments now beginning
Beginning conclusion of purpose undone
Purpose undone
Purpose undone
Almost forgotten were the tears warming my eyes
Eyes which followed the seasons to shadows
Shadows of streets I once walked to this
This youthful delusion of all that I am
All that I am
All that I am
Almost forgotten was the hope and the trust
Trust of people who believed there was so much more
More than this endlessly brief ticking of time
Time painted in glories by tomorrow’s hands
Hands whose faith and caring has all come to this
Has all come to this
Has all come to this
Dreamer forgotten waking to face winter’s winds
Winds from my memories loosed from their walls
Walls which were woven by things now unknown
Unknown perhaps because I cannot hear the truth
Truth calling from harsh mirrors of illusion
Illusion which will guide me to this end 

It looks like a free form poem, but let's take a closer look.  We have a speaker expounding a tale which grows with each stanza.  Each stanza (except the final one) is capped by a repetition. The speaker is free from the repetition as the poem concludes. Did we notice, starting with the second stanza, the new line starts with the last word of the previous line? A little more subtle. This word thing does not end. So much for free form poem. 

Can a rock float on water? We live in extraordinary times. Soon cars will be driving themselves. ( They are already better at parking without our help.) There is a rumor that the cure for cancer is at hand. It is no rumor we are living longer. All around us are examples of what but a few years ago would have been thought undoable. Undoable except for those who did them. Let me share a story with you. Circumstances put me in a highly creative job at Chevron. My specialty was "thinking outside the box". Chevron was engaged with closing a deal with Japan. I don't know why, but Chevron wanted me to float the American flag, the Japanese flag and the Chevron flag in mid air. Those who say, "money can't buy everything", have not had Chevron's money behind them. This was, in my opinion, one of my greatest tricks. (Well, not really mine, I just knew where to go to get this stunt done.) When the guests came to 575 Market for lunch, they saw 3 flags float in mind air (without strings). How was this accomplished? Clue - science. Science and opening up one's mind. Like the poem, there are still "somethings", "limitations","forces", the opposite of perfect freedom. Or do the rules no longer apply? Can a rock float on water? 

Are we ready: Gary B "Step into the Sunshine" 

Hold on to our seats as we return to the earth 

The name Danica Patrick ring a bell? Danica Patrick holds the record of being the worst NASCAR driver ever. Now take Leona Chin (Leona Chin Lyweoi).  Leona is a championship Malaysia/Chinese race car driver. She is so good, not to mention gorgeous, she is the ambassador for British Racing Motors. She is also a world class drifter. Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. Leona, Maxman TV and Mitsubishi Motors wanted to give a few men an experience. 
So much for the stereotypes of "women drivers" and "Chinese drivers". "Sales Girl Drifts Customers in Pickup Truck - Maxmantv" 

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The difference between stupidity and genius 
is that genius has its limits.
Albert Einstein


  1. That poem read like song lyrics to me.

  2. I need to learn to drift. Bucket list. For me an my car *grin* that's what 350z's were built for, right?!

    You have an extraordinary power over words, you make them sing. Free form? Hardly. And I had to giggle as I agreed with Einstein....

    1. "You can do it"
      Thank you for your support