Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dream On to Dear Kitten: Beginning 
Lovers dance their way through memories 
A cat shares with a kitten youth's memories 

Dream On (Italian sonnet) 

We danced on clouds which whisked us far away
That sleeping lovers hopes might dawn anew
A vision cast to set a heart to stray
Dream on young dreamers show them what is true
We laced each kiss with mists of what will be
That from this mist might blossom long lost tune
Forgotten in a younger memory
Dream on young dreamers shepherds of the moon
Through shrouds of doubt in things that didn’t last
Through shattered trust in what was sold as real
Through fears of mistakes surging from the past
Through lovers’ hearts that lost their youthful zeal
We chanced a promise in each other’s eyes
That other lights which long for flight won’t fade
Our love will show us where tomorrow lies
Dream on young dreamers through the realms love made

An Italian sonnet or Word Wizardry? This poem is packed with word play, metaphor and structure onto structure. One can get lost in the layers of complexity. Therein lies a meaning and the madness of this sonnet. Through the complexity of the life and times these dreamers shared; something that holds them together to face tomorrow. 

Remember the best kiss I ever had? It was the goodnight kiss after the first dance Arlene and I went to, way back in high school. The same dance where Arlene said, "Oh my God, this guy can't dance!" It took years to teach me. Arlene was patient and pressed on, though I was a slow learner and the worst dancer imaginable. The gifts and talents I enjoyed as a singer was taken from my dancing. But dancing was important to Arlene, so she stuck to it and so did I. 
I don't need to go on too far. We can all agree, life offers up its challenges. I can share some of mine, but it is much more real to remember, to reflect on those we survived personally or with that someone special. I, and Arlene,, traveled with those dreamers whose lives didn't tun out as we planned. We all (I hope) have our own ways of dealing with life' challenges and changes. What do you do when life gets "Too Much"? Arlene and I danced. 

Okay you dreamers, are you ready for this: Rue du Soleil "In My Heart" 

It seems we humans aren't alone with our memories 

Stubbs The Cat is, and has been, the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska since 1997. (Stubbs's position is honorary, as the town is only a "historical district".) Another famous cat is Grumpy Cat: A Snowshoe cat. who has been recognized as the world's grumpiest cat. Coming up in popularity are the two cats in the Friskies ads, "Dear Kitten", made by BuzzFeeds Video. In these commercials an older cat give his insights to a kitten. In this presentation the older cat shares his childhood memories with the kitten. 
Friskies and BuzzFeed are proud to announce that these ads have become popular with people, whether they are cat enthusiasts or not. "Dear Kitten: Beginning // Presented By BuzzFeed & Friskies" 

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We don't develop courage by 
being happy every day. We 
develop it by surviving difficult 
times and challenging adversity.
Barbara de Angelis


  1. We are our memories, we can re-live that love everyday *smiles*

    1. Thsnk you for visiting and sharing your rich thoughts

  2. 'Dancing on clouds' is a delightful image. If only...

    1. When one forgets their feet, is it like dancing in clouds?
      Thank you