Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Evening Turns To Night to Mashed Potatopology 
What could have happened to turn a lover's evening into night 
Chef Gregg shows us how to say I'm sorry with potatoes 

Evening Turns To Night (English sonnet) 

My tears are turning evening into night
Was this the whiff of darkness that I chose
The windows of my promises all close
As silence adds a sharpness to my blight
Each second now an endlessness impose
As memories consume the hope of light
While routes to nowhere vicious blame incite
And in each heartbeat pain and anguish flows
Within these walls the bitter storm repeats
As sorrow all of what was real confound
And madness that will end all this now stirs
Sweat kindness brings back sound within the streets
As people laugh their footsteps on the ground
Yet only footsteps that I want is her’s

I have fashioned this sonnet without too much emphases on words. I was targeting feelings instead. Passage after passage the feeling grows darker. And just we think we see a spark of hope, in the last triplet, brief as it is, we are dumped deeper into our gutter. 

Funny how the male brain in love works. At one moment, we are so confident. Then something happens. An argument. A word. If we're lucky,we may have a clue. I don't know what it is about the evening, but it is then when "whatever it is"show its ugly teeth. Alone and alone our minds become the playground of darkness. She/s gone. She's gone. Every silence a reminder. Every heartbeat a memory. The same imagination that used to fire up a couple, now turns to bleakness. And so he suffers by his own hands. Funny how the male brain in love works. 

Let's see if we can make something of this: Engma "Sadness" 

Boy do we need a laugh 

Potatoes are taking over the world. It is believed 4,000 years ago the potatoes could only be found in the Andean Mountains of South America.  Now they can be found growing almost everywhere. Now, chef Gregg has uncovered a new amazing fact about potatoes. More specifically, mashed potatoes. In this episode of "You Suck At Cooking", Gregg shares his new found secret with us. 
I don't know about you, but right or wrong, I love mashed potatoes. "Mashed Potatopology - You Suck at Cooking (episode 30)" 

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When the sun has set, 
no candle can replace it. 
George R.R. Martin


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