Friday, January 15, 2016

Goodbye Old Friend to Every Dog Ever 
As life moves on so do some good friends 
To temper sadness let's look at "Man's Best Friend" 

Goodbye Old Friend (English sonnet) 

Old friend I guess it’s time to say goodbye
Into each other’s moments we must go
And for those moments I will miss you so
Perhaps for someone else to share the why
So many of my thoughts you’d come to know
You felt the flavors of the tears I’d cry
You ushered timely dreams as your reply
For world which turned its back so long ago
You heard the secrets that I could not tell
Providing me a safer place to hide
And bore the pillows which would mask the strife
But now has come the time to say farewell
Another dream is waiting just outside
I leave you with this chapter of my life 

This sonnet attempts to draw on a dream or two. It deals with generalities fishing for feelings. I have tried not limit the "friend" to a person so that a thing. a place or a time might easily fit in. I hope I was successful. 

We can all relate to leaving things behind. Some things of joy. Some things of sadness. As I went through the changes that have brought me here, my path crossed that of Mario. I met Mario when I was a Pinkerton guard at Greyhound Bus headquarters here in San Francisco. Mario was a very violent individual. It didn't take much to rouse him to a fight. Yet, he took to me like it was our destiny. It was Mario who introduced me to the "garage dance club" scene that was popular in our Latin districts. Mario was a janitor when we met, but many Latin bands knew him. He was a very well known drummer. Band drummers would asks Mario to take their place to hear him play. I was young. I was out on my own. It was that brief time, I was without Arlene. I was confused. During this dark period in my life, Mario was a major source of light. Arlene came back and coincidentally Mario met the love of his life partner, Peggy. The four of us became like a second family. Mario eventually became my best man at my marriage. Mario had to go back to Guatemala, to take care of some family problems. When he came back to America, a year or so later, he found the shell of his best friend inhabited by someone else. His friend Martin and a time was gone. Imagine the wonder. A friend closed a chapter thus. And we thought this poem was about me. 

I found this song to go with the sonnet. I hope you like it: Mark Cook "Goodbye Old Friend" 

Are we ready for some laughs 

All you dog lovers, here's something I bet you didn't know: Three dogs actually survived the sinking of the Titanic: A Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese. A little closer to home, though a tad more ridiculous, is Smosh's idea of behaviors common to all dogs. They threw together a video showing what they know (or do not know) about man's best friend. 
My wife saw this video and said, "I know that dog." "EVERY DOG EVER" 
(Are we laughing at the video or what my wife said?) 

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I don't know that love 
changes. People change. 
Circumstances change.
Nicholas Sparks


  1. Leaving things behind is one of the things which unites us. Some people don't know love, some are unfamilar with laughter, but I think that everyone has moved on - or lost something or someone...

    1. leaving thing things behind can also be a gift.
      Mario and I have a memory.
      Thank you for your contribution

  2. I do not understand why the old Martin was replaced. Is it safe to assume that there is much more to this story?

    1. I went through at least 5 major changes in my life.
      Thank you for your support