Sunday, January 24, 2016

Her Name to Substitute Teacher 
A name can change the world 
Names and a substitute teacher change a reality 

Her Name (poem) 

The world seemed so much clearer when I didn’t know her name
The sun rose every morning all the flowers smelled the same
And the music of the birds it had nothing to proclaim
My world seemed so much freer when I didn’t know her name
My heartbeat was much clearer with no passions then to tame
And language was much freer with no words of love to frame
To amble through one more day was my only special aim
The world seemed so much simpler when I didn’t know her name
And then the simple moonlight rich with kisses as its game
Amid the stars in heaven here the words I love you came
Poor me before I knew it was imprisoned by a flame
A world never existed when I didn’t know her name

This poem is more than a long progression of the same rhyme. To some it is boring. To some it is maddening. Compulsive, obsessive, simplistic, trapped and tapped are other thoughts that come to mind. But let's not put aside what this poem is about. Would we like one more insight? What is her name? 

All you lovers, have you ever shared the world with someone not in a relationship? How can the same world look so differently. Sure, we are all individuals. But there is something more. My wife and childhood sweetheart, Arlene, died in 2002. My friend and associates got me through it. Plus, I was extremely busy. Not so busy to notice that somehow the world had changed. Not only because Arlene was not part of it anymore There was something more (or should I say less). Because I was a single man, working with a lot of kids, the Masons thought it might look better if I were seen with a woman. After 4 years I met and fell in love with Amor, my present wife. More than this. The world had returned.
For those who think I'm selling that everyone should be lovers, remember we are all different. The poem does point out some of the benefits of love relationships. It also hints at some of the down sides. And there is the main question. The speaker doesn't mention her name. Enjoy your world. 

I'm sure you have a favorite song with someone's name. For me it's: The Beatles l  "Michelle" 

The Namefest is far from over 

The world famous fashion model doll and kid's toy Barbie’s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Try telling this to Mr; Garvey (Jordan Peele of Key & Peele) an inner city substitute teacher. As we are about to find out, Mr. Garvey has some issues with names. 
A clever thing about this very funny sketch is the similarities of the names. You'll see. "Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher" 

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If I'm gonna tell a real story, 
I'm gonna start with my name.
Kendrick Lamar


  1. I am always learning things on your blog! I had no idea about the real Barbie! Oh and love "Michelle" Now I will be humming it the rest of the day!

  2. Substitute teacher cracks me up every time. A-A-Ron!

    Lovely poem.

    1. glad you enjoyed.
      thank you for stopping by.

  3. Your poem almost sounds like a lament. Alas, I know the feeling.

    1. you see the reader's part in our poem.
      thank you for pointing this out.