Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It Is You to Dating A YouTuber 
In one world are the thoughts of a romantic 
In another world are the thought of a YouTuber 

It Is You (uniting poem) 

The glow of moon grants night enchanted hue
The sunset cast the day’s glare out of sight
A dream is welcomed by the subtle light
Those things imagined suddenly ignite
And treasure there to make this all so right
The whispered wish of starlight it is you
The night is young and waiting for our dance
It reaches for the flavor sparked by two
To add a tender mood into its trance
And open crimson curtains of romance
With all the flare which beauty can enhance
The richness which is gleaming it is you
Come take my hand and venture by my side
To touch the mist within our feelings’ tide
Such endless splendors spread into our view
The golden steps to heaven wait our stride
With one fulfillment nothing is denied
The path to endless pleasure it is you
A fairy’s tale or just a fantasy
Just dare our eyes and maybe we will see
Or share this while and set our fancies free
And see what worlds a dream alive make true
Therein to find a lover’s destiny
The gift of ever after it is you
And when the moon and us have filled divine
When what was real and memories combine
Here for this moment let our hearts entwine
Within a kiss this dream we will enshrine
And greet the dawn with meaning set anew
The meaning of my purpose it is you

Uniting poem may not be the real name for this style of poetry. As the poem begins, notice the word "you" and the word that rhymes with it are on complete opposite sides of the stanza. As the poem progresses the word that rhymes with "you" moves one step closer to "you". Let our minds drift as to the meanings of this. 

When Arlene and I first fell in love I was a teenager. (Plus a big egotist.) The whole world revolved around me.  I come from a time when women followed their man. Even when Arlene began to teach me how to dance, the lights didn't go on in this self centered mind. I wish I could tell you how it all started. From out of nowhere, a strange new beautiful flower began to bloom. I started to listen and grow closer to Arlene. "But you were in love", come the shouts. It was more than love, though it didn't hurt the realms of romance Wink, Wink). I might be wrong, but I think it had something to do with maturity. Or perhaps it was the rewards that pressed me on. Or maybe, just maybe, it was something else. Perhaps there is more to life. As I continued on, I discovered more about Arlene. We think we removed the final curtain, just to find one more curtain. Curtain of satin. Curtains of silk. Curtain of wonder and imagination. Remember that I wrote, "Let our minds drift as to the meanings of this. " With this commentary behind us consider the myriad of possibilities. 

Back to the poem: Johnny Mathis "All The Things You Are" 

From magic to YouTube 

The top ten turn-offs for women dating include cystic acne, raggedy nails, flatulence and belching, missing teeth, body odor, bad breath, hairy nostrils, “man boobs,” “goofy” glasses, and hair “mistakes". Yousef Saleh Erakat, of FouseyTube, may have stumbled on one more. With the help of his friend Lilly Saini Singh, of iiSUPERWOMANii, Yousef has put out a PSA (Public Service Announcement) warning persons of the Dating scene the hazards of getting involved with a YouTuber. 
Then there's the money..."DATING A YOUTUBER BE LIKE..... (ft. iiSUPERWOMANii)" 

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  1. Yousef nailed the biggest turn off for me. Self absorbed people are frequently selfish. Which is a bigger crime than ragged nails, spots, farting and bad breath.

    1. Not sure... Your feelings seem to be coming across in these words.
      Thank you for your input

  2. Arlene sounds like an amazing woman! You are so creative.

  3. Whoa, a guy would do well to quote your poem to his girl.