Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let’s Soar Once More to Keep Off The Grass 
What a difference Two lover soar 
Two enemies soar What a difference 

Let’s Soar Once More (Italian sonnet variation) 

Let’s soar once more midst all once meant to be
When kisses were the meaning of the day
Sweet whispers were the gates to fantasy
And memories were just heartbeats away
The palisades of flowers where we dreamed
Are sending scented winds upon our shore
A yearning burning waits to be redeemed
On paths now calling wonders to explore
The shadows of time can’t spoil this refrain
Which waters of spring sent Joy to maintain
And music of love sent sighs to explain
Till thoughts of you are all that remain
Let’s soar once more into eternity
Reliving again when souls learned to sing
Silent surrender our whims to set free
To promise of this once more let us cling

This starts out as a normal Italian love sonnet. An interesting thing happens on the conflict (third) stanza. First notice the traditional sonnet rhyme scheme is broken. A little more subtle is the rhythm change. The sonnet begins in iambic pentameter. This beat disappears with the "conflict" stanza. We think it returns in the fourth stanza, but it doesn't. 

Let's look at this song of love. I often talk about Arlene's and my first apartment. It had a remarkable and romantic rooftop view of beautiful San Francisco (the eastern side). A young coupe, in love, could be happy in this setting. And we were. Many of our friends were settling down. What I mean by this is: some were losing (or so it appeared) their excitement. Arlene and I were not about to let this happen to our dream. We set ourselves ahead of the latest trends, in an effort "for something". Our friends, who were trying to make it in show business and our imaginations would make wonders possible. Arlene and I wound up in a big apartment, were we threw big parties, some of which would last for days. Then came the days of parenthood. Arlene and I slowed down a lot, yet we were quite exceptional. We showed our love in every aspect of our children's lives, the PTA, coaching, education, weekends, vacations and much, much more. When our children went out on their own, Arlene and Martin were back. We were blessed to relive those marvelous times of our 20s. We would not be like those who let their romance seem to dwindle. We were exciting. Everyone wanted to be like us. Then we began to notice "them". Lovers whose love was ageless. One could look at them and see a love that hadn't changed since the moment they met. So the poem. 

How about a love classic with a Brazilian flare: Astrud Gilberto "Fly Me To The Moon" 

From doves to hawks - From love to laughs 

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is trying to convince us that a single grass plant can have more than 300 miles of roots. That may or may not be true. But many of us know or have seen lawn fanatics. People obsessed with their lawns. RocketJump studio has captured one of these fanatics on video. Watch what heights he reaches as he comes head to head with Mr. "I Don't Care About Your ?#@% Lawn" 
Watch as a man who loves grass confronts a man who doesn't. "Keep off the Grass" 

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Love knows no reason, no boundaries, 
no distance. It has a sole intention 
of bringing people together to 
a time called forever.


  1. Love, nurtured and sustained is a wonderful thing isn't it?

    1. Blessed are we who are blessed by love
      Thank you

  2. Alas, I-talians are always trying to get some.