Friday, January 22, 2016

Lost to Addicted To Pranking 
What addiction has made one person lost 
Another person is lost in his addiction to pranking 

Lost (sonnet) 

Lost in a dream which was made just for me
One scented flower captivates my heart
Veiled only in the softest melody
Each ember waits for destiny to start
Lost in a wish an angel left behind
Outside the need of what they say is real
Vast as the heavens which the stars designed
Enduring kiss must venture what I feel
Lost in a whirl and lost for evermore
On this one wish my flowered dream to hold
Visions set into moonbeams then will sore
Eternally our love will be retold
Lost in a single minded point of view
Lost in this thought this feeling over you

Why didn't I label this a Shakespearean sonnet? I didn't feel the iambic rhythm was strong enough. Why didn't I make the rhythm stronger? It has to do with something unmentioned, yet strongly mentioned. The speaker is obviously lost. That is why every stanza starts with the word "lost" and twice in the rhyming couplet. Lost in what? The sonnet doesn't say. Or does it? (Check out the first letters of the quatrains.) 

Love is a wonderful, a beautiful, a fulfilling, a strange thing. (At least for me.) It has many forms. There is the love we feel for our surrounds. The love we bear for our fellow man. The love that binds us to our family. That "thing" that overwhelms us for that someone special. I'm pretty sure I may have glossed over many other expressions of love. This poem plays with that hard to explain something which poets have built stairways to the stars and back. I am one of those believe in and  has danced through the fantasy of love. I believe love is proof  there is more to existence than science can explain. Is there magic? Are there miracles? Explain to me young lovers. Young lovers? Explain to me how a 56 year old man became ageless when he met Amor; my wife and the person I'm lost in. 

We probably saw this coming: Air Supply "Lost in Love" 

It's been a while since we had a prank video, so 

According to The Electrical World (the Feb. 2, 1884 edition), the first prank pone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell. Anyone who follows YouTube (like me) knows how popular pranks can be. Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, of Smosh. believe that some people are addicted to pranking. They have put together this video to help us recognize such a person and to possibly help them recover. 
Then again, if the prankster is making money from YouTube... "ADDICTED TO PRANKING (GONE SEXUAL)" 

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Love planted a rose, 
and the world turned sweet.
Katharine Lee Bates