Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Sleep to "Wake Me Up" - without music 
What keeps this soul from its sleep 
Perhaps it is the sound of Wham 

My Sleep (poem)

Alone at night in my bedroom
This world of comfort far from doom
There with but one last call to keep
To close my eyes and go to sleep
Rest to reap
Mind to sweep
A shadow woke my sense’s sight
As strange new feelings met the night
Ponderous fears began to heap
As I approached the edge of sleep
Thoughts now leap
Passions weep
What do you want to end your search
I shouted out to end my lurch
As tears forgotten start to steep
From somewhere deep within a sleep
Heart now weep
Secret keep
Responding shadow turned away
The truth I knew it wouldn’t say
A memory I buried deep
Another dream another sleep
Years now sweep
Fate to reap
Regret now made the darkness grow
Regret that I refused to know
I felt the shadow in me creep
To rouse the soul there sound asleep
Hidden deep
Comes a peep
But sadly sun awakes the morn
Another day alone is born
Until this endless cycle keep
And once again I go to sleep

Another style of poetry. Each stanza leads off with an independent rhyme. This is followed by a sleep rhyme and concludes with an abbreviation of the "sleep" rhyme. The abbreviation is missing from the last stanza because the speaker went to "sleep".

Arlene was gone. We had been together since 1966. Childhood sweethearts. A remarkable dream. But now she's gone. The loss of someone near and dear is different for each individual. I cannot advice anyone how deal with so great a loss. I had friends, family and associates looking after me for a long time. I had a lot of projects to keep my attention occupied. I had spent years doing funerals and in hospitals with the sick and dying. I was okay with the days, but there were the nights. I wish I could tell you that I saw Arlene's ghost/spirit. I did not. But, like the poem, there was something.
On another note, I had spent years studying spirituality. I admit there may be honest spiritualists out there, but I had the misfortune of running into too many charlatans. When i first bought my house, my family thought it was haunted. It did behave strangely. One by one I was able to solve and put an end to each mystery. I was one of those who wanted to know how the trick was done rather than enjoying the magician's show. Point? Had I trained myself not to see ghosts/spirits?
Now, I have adopted this theory: it's okay for an old man to believe in fairytales. As long as it doesn't hurt anybody or anything and I don't impose my beliefs on anyone else, what harm can it do? By adopting this new outlook i see a world where much more is possible. Who knows? Maybe I'll see Arlene again.

To go along with this theme: DulceSky "I Dreamt of You" 

A little more disturbing - Wham- Okay a lot more disturbing 

Did you know the first alarm clock came from Greece? It operated by water and was invented by Plato. Greece also gave us Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. We may know him better as George Michael. In 1981 he and his friend Andrew Ridgeley to form the group named Wham. Many wonder how George got to be so popular. To help us find an answer to this puzzle House of Halo has taken the hit "Wake Me Up" and removed all the music. 
Are we ready for this? "#WITHOUTMUSIC / Wake Me Up - Wham!" 
(I give up.) 

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The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Given the proviso that it doesn't hurt anyone and you don't insist that anyone else joins you, OF COURSE it is ok to believe in fairy tales. Or anything else which brings you comfort in the dark hours.

    1. "...or anything..." is important too.
      What is interesting is, these are the words of a dreamer who worked "miracles" for Chevron Oil.
      Thank you for your input

    2. Dreams (and dreamers) are found everywhere. Which is both wonderful, and essential.

  2. Your poem is truly awesome--both in form and content. There is, however, a danger to wanting to believe in fairy tales (so to speak). For they get in the way of the truth, which is actually more wonderful than we can even start to naturally imagine. Now, as I have indicated here and there, there are times when it certainly does not feel wonderful. In fact, it can feel downright cruel, but this world was never meant to last but for a little while in comparison to the whole of eternity, with our individual time in it being but a breath. It is in the hope of the promised world to come where we can experience true wonder, but that promised life is just for those who can give our Heavenly Father the full benefit of their considerable doubts. Fairy tales get in the way of this and cost us time when we could be having a very close and personal relationship with Him, which is the reason for the existence of this world. Yes, His grace is truly immeasurable, but who in their right-mind would want to cheat Him out of the full measure of satisfaction He could receive if they could help it?

    1. Thank you for your concern.
      Remember I said "As long as it doesn't hurt anybody or anything...".
      I have conversed with my Lord often, especially when sharing His gifts.