Monday, January 25, 2016

Phone Calls to When You Get An Unexpected Call 
One girl waits for this phone call 
Another girl gets a phone call unsuspected 

Phone Calls (English sonnet) 

Another night will find him on the phone
Unfolding magic for a faithful ear
In meaning only lovers’ hearts can hear
Assurances that they are not alone
The music in his whispers become clear
As yearnings learn the meaning of postpone
And promises of kisses may atone
Wherever their tomorrows will appear
And as he sings the shadows gently sigh
For even they now miss the light of day
When they withheld warm secrets from the sun
But for his songs they offer no reply
For even they now wish the tears away
To days before these phone calls had begun

I've used this style of story/sonnet before using the English sonnet form. In the quatrains we are privy to a lover's phone call. With the triplets a mystery develops and unfolds. It is up to us to let our imagines to settle. 

Oh the joys of being human. Oh, the wonders of our imagination. Have any doubts? Look at that thing in front of us. That thing of imaginations. That thing we call the computer. We are living in a time when technology is giving imagination wings.
Then there is love. How many of us have been sucked into the unexplainbility of it? Scientists would have us believe love is just chemical activity in the brain. If that is true, how sad. I believe there is more to it. The flowers smell sweeter. The day is brighter. The promise of tomorrow is grander. But, if we want to believe the scientists, That's okay.
Now, put love and imagination together. The union could be heavenly. Heavenly, unless we find ourselves somehow in strange waters. Let's say our someone special is no longer there or cannot call us. We may add an endless dark scenarios to this tale of tears. As in the poem, imagination takes over and distorts reality.In the poem, we have used a phone. But, how many of us have seen some example of this, in other forms, in someone we have come in contact with? Imagination becomes real, because of the loss of a loved one. Or love using imagination to protect a heart. 

All this calls for a good song: John Legend "Hello It's Me" 

Ghosts come in many forms 

Ever hear of phantom vibration syndrome? This is when we hear our cell phone ringing or feel it vibrating when it is really not. Phantom vibration syndrome is not harmful. The studies as to the cause(s) are still going on. More ghostly is an incident experienced by a teenage babysitter. She was watching after a neighbor's child, when a terrifying strange sound broke the peace of the evening. 
Yes, this has something to do with a mobile device. "When You Get An Unexpected Call" 

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The loss of young first love is so painful 
that it borders on the ludicrous.
Maya Angelou