Sunday, January 24, 2016

Silence Of Hope to The White Room 
A seriously ill man meets the unknown 
Informed of his death a man awaits the unknown 

Silence Of Hope (Italian sonnet) 

He sat and listened to my songs of pain
And when I cried he washed away my tears
His silence seemed to lay claim to all fears
His silence filled the air with hope’s refrain
For I had fallen seriously ill
The doctors’ silence heightened my dismay
My world of friends seemed very far away
Except this one who would my darkness fill
But who was he who deep in silence waits
That shadow of a moment of the past
My eyes unclear of memories he cast
Yet through my heart a meaning he relates
To some unknown the soul of me was drawn
A silence of a nothing all around
Was then I heard familiar fateful sound
And I awoke to find that he had gone

This Italian sonnet needs little explanation, We start of with setting a scene. Then we get a little background information. In the third quatrain we glimpse into the speaker's mind. Now the last stanza! This is where we let our imaginations free. What happened? 

We are all told of the importance of calling, visiting or getting a message to our suffering friends. There is something real in it. I cannot explain it. When I joined Freemasonry, one of my mentors guided me to strengthening my influence. One of the avenues we used was visiting my sick and shut in Masonic brothers. Oh yes, visiting the down trodden for political gains. As disturbing as this sounds, something strange started happening in the third year of this practice. People got well! (Not all.) Whether it was me or the legend of Martin, the success stories grew. I did noting special. I was just that Martin they knew from Lodge. I am not nor do I believe myself to be a "miracle worker". I have no special powers, yet people improved. The point of all this is that there really is something more. I have witnessed, first hand, "powerful" faith-healers where people went up in wheelchairs and came back down still in wheelchairs. So what makes people respond to our kind hand? There is something more at work. Spiritual or yet to be discovered. Whether the speaker in the poem passed on or not, let us not put aside our influence on those who matter to us. 

I thought a little inspirational classics might be fitting: 
William Byrd "I Have Longed for Thy Saving Health" 

Get ready to learn absolutely nothing 

The Disaster Cafe, in Lloret de Mar, Spain, is one of the weirdest restaurants on earth. While enjoying a lovely meal patrons can also enjoy a 7.8 earthquake. Somewhere else, Cody is told he is dead. He is now in the White Room, undergoing an interview, before he proceeds to the hereafter. He is given the privilege of having a few questions answered. 
Spoiler alert - Neither The Disaster Cafe nor this video, made by Chris and Jack, are approved by any recognized religion. "THE WHITE ROOM" 

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We must accept finite disappointment, 
but never lose infinite hope.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Our Heavenly Father has impressed upon me that He has never been as silent as most have been led to believe, but what does that matter to those who do not want to listen?

    1. We Masons are taught, "No man should enter upon any great or important undertaking without invoking the blessing of God."
      Thank you for your input

  2. I do believe there are healers amongst us. As there are those who can 'see', 'sense'. It's a gift *smiles*

    1. I could be wrong, but I think we are all healers.
      Thank you for visiting