Saturday, January 2, 2016

Slip On to Maximum Security Jewelry Store 
When a world of doubt tries to limit us-slip on 
Just as the magician Cabonaro cases a woman to slip on 

Slip On (English sonnet) 

Slip on my angel in our world of dreams
Why rush to sleep when wishes do come true
Why should we limit what our wills can do
It’s in our trust imagination streams
It’s we who are the masters of this time
We’re free to see the wonders we can be
It’s we who set the course of destiny
Slip on my angel reason for life’s rhyme
Now life will add confusion to its doubt
With tricks it sells ideas so unreal
It needs us to surrender to its sway
But we are what true living is about
Creating dreams for all the world to feel
Slip on my angel form tomorrow’s day

In this variation of an English sonnet a nice flow is established. In the first quatrain we establish a challenge. In the second quatrain a truth is addressed, With the first triplet the conflict is introduced. In the final triplet. we are given resolution. Also note: the placement of "Slip on".

I admit, it is easy for me to suggest to anyone to let our imagination slip on. Or maybe life dealt me these cards because I was able to slip on. I don't know. It has been my experience, though, that life is not all it seems. There is more "out there".But I... Let us stop right there. There are a lot of things we cannot do, but there are an equal amount of things we can do. It has something to do with the law of balance, which states everything must have its opposite. Add to this the times in which we live. So much that was thought impossible, is now laid at our feet. Let us choose the positives. Let us choose the worlds of things we can do. One of things we can do is dream. But more than this. We can live our dreams. Consider young lovers. No can tell them what not to do. To them, all things are possible. Consider the magic of those kisses and slip on.

Talk about magic, have you heard of: Sa Trincha "The Hijackman Remix" 

Magic is better if we just enjoy it 

Word is to maintain the high prices of diamonds, cartels creates an artificial scarcity. They stockpile mined diamonds and sell them in small amounts. Keep this in mind the next time we visit the jeweler. Another thing to keep in mind is that our jeweler might be a magician. Not just because they get us to fork out oodles of cash, but one or more cab perform magic. Don't believe me. One day, magician Michael Carbonaro appeared in a jewelry shop and watch what happened. 
I don't know which is more entertaining, Carbonaro, the trick or the customer."The Carbonaro Effect - Maximum Security Jewelry Store" 

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Think left and think right and 
think low and think high. Oh, 
the thinks you can think up if 
only you try!
Dr. Seuss


  1. I think dreaming is an essential. We can have a life, or an existence and dreaming is part of life...

    1. I was blessed to take the next step.
      Dream on. Thank you

  2. There is no such as the law of balance, but the concept naturally makes a lot of sense to us.