Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Still She Dreams to Crafting with Kids: Fantasy vs Reality 
A young lady has her dreams to protect her 
A parent has her fantasy to protect her 

Still She Dreams (repeating poem) 

And still she dreams off into night
What shapes this hope which holds her sight
The streams that flow were once delight
Gone is the one who held her tight
And still she dreams
And still she dreams
What does she see in nothing there
What secret wish commands the air
What whispered spark now holds her stare
Just why he left she’s unaware
Amid her streams
And still she dreams
Fair princess searching realms of why
She searches as her flowers die
Just emptiness to hear her cry
He didn’t even say goodbye
And so it seems
And still she dreams
He’s there to hold her in his arms
His kisses take the place of harms
What he made cold his tears now warms
To bring her back to all his charms
Tomorrow gleams
And still she dreams

Here is an example of a repeating poem. The last line of each stanza  ("And still she dreams") does not change, And yet, though the words do not change, the picture expressed does change.

Not to brag (too much), but in high school and college I was a real heart breaker. A fact that won't strike home for many years. One of the things I did for the San Francisco Masons was to work with their youth groups (the Job''s Daughters, the Rainbow Girls and the DeMolay). In the Job's Daughters their was this delightful and extraordinarily intelligent girl, Kat or Katelynn, She was the one who convinced me to stay with the fraternity, when I was going to leave, in 2000. Kat got herself a boyfriend. She told me, the lady in charge and all the other girls about him. Every weekend Kat and her boyfriend spent the day together. We know because Kat would relate every detail with us. And if you missed something, she would be happy to repeat each detail. Funny. None of it got tiresome or boring. It was a relationship made in heaven. Imagine that perfect teenage love. That was it. One night, at a special event, I and the lady in charge were talking to Kat's mother. I asked about Kat's boyfriend. Kat's mom told us the sad story. Kat had fallen for a guy. The boy snubbed her without even giving her a chance or an explanation. Kat cried for days and even missed some school. Then, the mom related, Kat returned to normal, as if nothing had happened. As Katelynn's mom unfold the story, the deeds of a heart breaker came back to tear at a heart.
(The lady in charge was able. with time, help Kat.)

To go with this poem: Holly Smith "A Lover´s Tale" 

Let's lighten things up as a parent confesses 

Studies show the average household uses 14.3 meters of cellophane tape every year, but out of this, only 3.2 meters is used for wrapping presents. Where the rest of the tape going and who is performing these studies? One possible answer is: the tape is being used on arts and crafts. Which for some of us brings up another issue. If we are new to or have never done arts and crafts there might be a difference between fantasy and reality, as Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers suffers through, in her family's latest video. 
Rather than becoming discouraged, this video is to encourage us to laugh and practice first. "Crafting with Kids: Fantasy vs. Reality" 

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Love is the most beautiful of dreams 
and the worst of nightmares. 
Aman Jassal


  1. I hope Kat found permanent love later. Though those first cuts do feel the deepest.

    1. I lost touch with her when she went off to University of North Carolina. She will make a great doctor.
      Thank you.

  2. My wife keeps telling me that since I am so ugly, I have to try harder. Sigh.

    1. I'm sure she's joking. Yet it would be fun trying harder.
      thank you

  3. Oh what a heartbreak for Kat. I have high expectations when it comes to love/friendships but then again, I keep it very far away at times to avoid being hurt. I have been hurt a lot and honestly have very few close friends. People sorta come and go. I guess it is like your poem. We repeat ourselves/behaviors and hope we get it right eventual. I do hope Kat found love and satisfaction in life. Great post!

    1. Sorry for your experience.
      From Kat I got an insight of the pain I caused.
      Thank you for sharing