Saturday, January 9, 2016

Strange Door to Interview With A Toddler 
What fantasies await beyond the strange door 
Far beyond the door a father delves into the mind of a moment 

Strange Door (English sonnet) 

It passed upon a windswept melody
A scent of satin ‘cross a timeless shore
A sultry promise lingering for more
Soft moments lost await a kiss to be
Those dreams of heaven whispers will restore
Two torrid heartbeats touch their fantasy
Too much in love to set their spirits free
So melody lay locked behind strange door
Strange door the endless meaning of this love
Strange door which held the blessing to the day
Strange door to guarded secrets kept from view
To windswept passion they strolled realms above
From other whispers theirs was far away
Strange door its endless meaning would renew

An English sonnet with a touch of word play. In the first stanza, there is the innocent repeat of the word "A". In the second stanza, The words are not the same, but their sound is ("Two' and "Too"). In the first triplet, there is no further doubt, as the anticipation of the "Strange door" reaches its height. 

For me the "strange door" was more than the doorway to Arlene's bedroom. Please excuse me if I stray a bit from the suggestive nature of the poem and share a little insight into Arlene and Martin. I stayed in Arlene's bedroom. At all the places we lived , I did not have a bedroom. Instead, Arlene made places for me in hers. For me, this was more fun. Imagine, I slept in my dream"s bedroom! Arlene was a clothes and shoe freak. She was one of those women who gave credibility to all those women-clothes jokes. This could have been maddening, except for one thing. Arlene looked good in her wardrobe. The real challenge was finding/making/creating a reason for Arlene and all her glory. The result of all of this was a "strange door". 

Now that I have introduced you to Martin's "Strange Door". let me introduce you to: Nicos "Secret love" 

In time a father spends time with a treasure of a "strange door" 

Researchers found, newborns are more likely to turn their head to the right than to the left. And you know what that means. Some researchers need to get a life. La Guardia Cross is trying his best to be a model husband and father. He has a couple of questions about toddlers. Who better to ask than his 1 year old daughter, Amalah. 
Some may be thinking, "I didn't know 1 year old toddler could talk." A small issue for a new father. "Interview With A Toddler" 

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Experts on romance say for 
a happy marriage there has 
to be more than a passionate 
love. For a lasting union, they 
insist, there must be a genuine 
liking for each other. Which, in 
my book, is a good definition 
for friendship.
Marilyn Monroe


  1. Lovely poem. That kid makes more sense than Trump does much of the time.