Thursday, January 7, 2016

Take My Hand to Conan Helps A Student Driver 
A lover invites his desire to follow their star 
Conan invites a staff member to a driving lesson with some stars 

Take My Hand (Martin verse) 

Come take my hand it’s time for us to go
This isn’t quite the world we’ve come to know
There’s something very different aglow
We better leave before the changes grow
Let’s leave a light should any hope still stray
Let’s take our tears and bury them away
For flowers blooming to a strange new day
Come take my hand and we’ll be on our way
Our star awaits to lead us as we go
For what has passed can’t be that far away
That dream we shared was just the other day
We danced in fields where memories did grow
What was has changed mid mist it now does stray
Our search for whys returns I do not know
Bleak shadows loom where once was all aglow
What once so real has somehow lost its way
Yet all and all we felt our feelings grow
We met the darkness with our hearts aglow
Let’s leave and make the world we used to know
Come take my hand it’s time for us to go

Another Martin verse.One more time to refresh our memories: Martin verse uses five stanzas of four lines each. Though a meter is desirable, it is not essential. Once eight words are selected they cannot be changed. The first two stanzas introduce the eight words. The third and fourth stanzas mix the words of the first two stanzas. The fifth stanza uses the words of the first stanza, in reverse order. As always, jet me know if you write a Martin verse and I will add a link to the site.

The meaning of this poem is pretty straight forward. Things change. People change. Places that were special to us may no longer be there. Those :high school" kisses come and become a memory, never again (as hard as we try) to be part of today. My beloved San Francisco has changed so much from my younger years. I'm pretty sure many can relate. Most of us miss the way things were. As much as I loved my beautiful city, many of my old mentors and teachers talked about a San Francisco they miss. Many tell us to live in the now. Yesterdays are a memory and tomorrow is a hope. Some even write love poems about it (hint, hint).What choice do we have, really. When I was a houseboy, I came in contact with women who tried to freeze time. A young boy considered them weird, but they were pretty good at trying to live in the past. Yet, time had its way of reminding them it was there.. Knowing we are victims of change, let us make the most of our now. I miss the city of my youth. But oh, what memories were made! Come take my hand.

Let's dance through the what must be with: Tania Maria "Come With Me"

Not only does Conan pay his employees, he gives them driving lessons 

One has to wonder about drivers in Dublin, Georgia, when they have to have a law that forbids driving through playgrounds. I'm pretty sure Dianna Chang is better than that. Who is Dianna Change? She is a staffer member on the Conan show. Conan O'Brien has stepped forward to teach Dianna how to drive. Is Conan qualified to teach anyone how to drive? To help him out are Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. 
Are they qualified? Let's watch and find out. "Ice Cube, Kevin Hart And Conan Help A Student Driver - CONAN on TBS" 

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  1. Memories are indeed precious. Even when they are not entirely true. Often those are the sweetest.
    We are a complicated lot.

    1. I think that many of us put on the 'rose-coloured spectacles' looking back...

    2. Chevron, of all things, taught us to view the world with "rose colored glasses". We all made lots of money (raises & bonuses) and people were happy driving their cars. Our "rose colored glasses" protects us from the truth. Sadly, I was part of it.
      Thank you for everything

  2. Great poem. I had no idea that poetry was so defined.

    1. Some is. Some is in different ways. Some is not.
      thank you for stopping by

  3. This is wonderful. You never fail to amaze people with your wit.

    1. thank you for your support and kind words