Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tale of Truth to 3 Things Toddler Took From Me 
Aging brings on some strange changes 
3 of which where changes brought on by a toddler 

Tale of Truth (English sonnet) 

So strange to walk the fields where I once played
They’ve changed somehow yet oddly still the same
It still has power to awake a flame
And though I left a part of me here stayed
Twas here the riches that was spring I’d claim
Twas here through streams of kisses I would wade
Such dreams enchanted memories were made
Such dreams were how a song of love became
So strange to walk this shadow of a youth
And see the flowers now no longer there
Tomorrow holds a diff’rent tale of truth
My fading sight protects me from its glare
And when I feel the bite of age’s tooth
The special scent from you rethrills the air

Just to go over some points of this sonnet. This sonnet contains two moods. First, there is someone who has grown old. We can feel his frustration as the second quatrain has repeating words. The sonnet begins with the words "So strange". As the sonnet switches to couplets those same words introduce the conflict and the change in mood. What began as regret turns to hope, that casts its light on the entire sonnet.  

As we grow older, we leave so much behind. Or do we? Even when we again grasp the things, the places, the feelings we have left behind, it sometimes hits us, strange how the "changeless" could have changed so much. For me, and hopefully for all of us as we reach my stage in life, life has granted wonderful an precious memories. As we grow to meet our sunsets we may find the rainbow of hope in a loved one. For me. and hopefully not for others, life has dealt a strange hand. I find myself far removed from a world I use to know. Facing a bleak uncertainty. My doctors want to prescribe antidepressants. Life has blessed me with Amor, my new wife. The flowers from my past may have changed or may no longer be there, My memories are still with me. And even if they should fail, Amor has the power to make me again dwell in delight. I pray we all have an Amor in our life so that we may face tomorrow's tale of truth. 

How about this to bring a tear or two: Julio Iglesias "Yesterday When J Was Young" 

If we didn't know, parents have to go through changes 

About 90% of kids are right handed and, it is believed that, there are more lefties in America than in other cultures. Back again is La Guardia Cross and his daughter Amalah to share with us the joys and the sacrifices of parenthood. In particular, La Guardia shares with us 3 things, he insists, Amalah took from him.  
When we see how cute Amalah is, it's hard to feel sorry for La Gurdia. "3 Things My Toddler Took From Me" 

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  1. Time is such an elastic concept. I am very happy that you have both memories, and a measure of hope to sustain you on your journey. You have been blessed.

  2. Your sonnets are beautiful. I'm not a 'technical' writer, and I really enjoy these 'new' rhythms... I instinctively like to rhyme, yet found that my rhythm was very much unchanged, I'd like to try something different. You've opened a window....

    I think, as we age, we do feel loss and regret. But as we get comfortable with it, that is when the images change to a storybook of memories, and we can appreciate our life. Good and bad. And having a special person to share it with is such a privilege, not often recognized or appreciated.

    1. thank you for the compliments.
      I believe my variety in poetic styles is my strength.
      thank you a personal addition to the poem

  3. It came as a great shock to me some years later to see what I saw as a big barn in my youth was really nothing more than a shed of no significant size.